​LED Poster P2.5mm

​LED Poster P2.5mm

The Poster LED display is a revolutionary retail product that will display HD pictures or video to potential retail customers. With a total thickness of 35mm(1.4in )and a weight of only 38kg(88lbs), these units can easily be moved and set up anywhere. The slim aluminum finish of the Poster...
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Product Details

LED Poster P2.5mm

Support all kinds of installation methods

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Ultraslim ,lightweight and installation-friendly

Crafted in anodiezed aluminium,it is lightweight yet durable which makes it more portable and easier to install.

Zero config,plug and play

The easy-to-follow screen menu makes it extremely easy to schedule your content without any comlicated configuration whatsoever!

You will enjoy the LED poster's convenience of quick front service via a handle magnet.

Content can be updated via net work or USB driver.Almost all video and image formats can be supported by 5GB built-in storage.

The pre-integrated software enables you to connect it with a PC or Android devices via RJ45, WiFi,3G,USB and HDMI.Thus it is extremely easy to identify your display and manage the settings.


Super slim and lightweight design

Slim and elegant design, with thickness 35mm,weight only 38kg, easy to set up and install anywhere you like.

Plug and play

User friendly interface, easy to edit and send content to the display.

Frame color

Default black,can customize the following seven kinds of color.

Front serviceable

Only takes 5 seconds to replace a module for maintenance, saving the precious time

Synchronous and asynchronous control system

A. One machine control mode.

Synchronous and asynchronous control system

B. Multi-motor synchronous control mode

In synchronous mode, you can connect the screens by the HDMI cable, by connecting six units of screens you can display a complete picture.

Smart  management

Easily upload content via WIFI, USB or HDMI, and manage hundreds of displays with one device from anywhere.



Packaging Process

 Wooden Box   1 units: 2120mm (L) x 350mm (W) x 820mm (H)   2 units: 2125mm (L) x 520mm (W) x 840mm (H)Flight Case2 units: 2095mm (L) x 440mm (W) x 872mm (H)3 units: 2104mm (L) x 687mm (W) x 886mm (H)


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