Transparent LED Display

Transparent LED Display Our Cutting-edge technology transparent LED display is See-Through LED display with Unparalleled Transparency, Easy Setup, Lightweight, High Brightness, Stable Performance, Central Control, Easy Maintenance, Energy saving, Cost effective; quick to assemble and to tear...
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Transparent LED Display



Arc Curve shape transparent LED Display Series:


Custom LED display; custom LED Display;

Special shape display; Custom shape desgin;

High transparency; Easy maintenance;

High brightness.

Customized Shape

The ATN series display size can be customized according to

customer's requirements and this product also can be made

into various shapes.

Such as cylinder, cuboids, barrel shape etc.  


High Transparency

Based on ERALED side-lighting technology,

its 70% high transparency,

and some types can reach 80%.

Easy Maintenance

Support front maintenance.

Individual strip design with hot plug.


Rental transparent LED Display Series:

Special for

rental display market;

Standard cabinet design;

Fast lock for easy installation;

Ultra slim & Lightweight.

Standard Cabinet

Thin and light;

Standard cabinet dimension:500*1000mm;

Thickness: 83mm


Easy & Fast Installation

Fast lock for cabinet connection,

only 10s for single people to assemble;

and without any other tools.


Transparent LED Display

Cabinet details

Transparent LED Display screen



Our Cutting-edge technology transparent LED display is See-Through LED display with Unparalleled Transparency, Easy Setup, Lightweight, High Brightness, Stable Performance, Central Control, Easy Maintenance, Energy saving, Cost effective; quick to assemble and to tear down. Transparent LED Display can be combined into extremely large displays – whether flat or curved, horizontal or vertical. Minimal framework provides an entire structure with virtual transparency. The Transparent LED Display has been proven in both temporary and permanent installations, including concert tours, architectural installations, film and television sets, and events, etc.

Transparent LED video Display


Transparent LED Display1089.jpg

Transparent LED Display screen


Wide application and short ROI:

Ideal for shopping centers, windows, showrooms, airports, exhibitions, fashion shows, banks, in fact anywhere where you want to connect with your customers – removing the frustrations often created by traditional digital LED displays. The transparent LED display finally enables you to unleash your creativity without affecting the aesthetic beauty of your investment within.

Transparent LED displays come in a variety of configurations enabling you to choose the optimum display for your requirements including day and night alternatives.

Energy saving: 50% energy saving with very low power consumption, low electricity fee, low heat generation, much longer lifetime, long lifetime high brightness and low failure pixels;

High brightness:

9000 nits brightness ensure the perfect visual performance even under direct sunlight, without any cooling system, saves lots of power.

Smart and Simple control, Plug and play easy to use:

Display can be controlled by smartphone. Simple and easy operation steps.

The display read almost any video and images content format such as jpg, png, mov, wmv, mp4, etc. You can remotely control, monitor and update content from a control server. Make sure communication to your customers is instant and synchronized.

Fast installation

Concise appearance. Fast and easy maintenance. Fast lock systems ensure fast installation, saving labor cost.

Easy maintenance:

Easy to update and maintain. Display life expectancy is higher than one hundred thousand hours and one can always replace LED strips. They are easily stripped without the need of replacing the whole panel. Repairing single SMD without taking of single module or entire panel.

High transparency:

Incredible transparency. The transparency level is Up to 80% transparency rate could keep the internal natural lighting and viewing, the SMD are almost invisible from a certain distance. The resolution level is also so high that you can't recognize a pixel if you are standing from five meters or more.


PCB board is only 10mm thickness, 14kg/㎡ Lightweight allow small space for the installation possible, and minimizes the negative impact on the appearance of the buildings.

Stable and reliable:

Stability is very import for this product, under the patent of inlaying SMD into PCB, ensure the stability better than other similar products in the market.

Transparent LED Display continues to gain popularity within the world market and we are ready to provide a wide array of choices. Thanks to these advanced technology products every visitor, passer-by or an ordinary street walker would be able to see the announcement from the advertiser. The available pixel pitch varies from 3 to 20 mm and brightness level can reach 9000 nit level.  ERALED Transparent LED Display are the brightest and best leads the way technology and manufacturing of the transparent LED display.

The appears of transparent LED Display not only incorporates all the advantages of conventional outdoor high-definition LED display and shop windows to maximize the elimination of load-bearing and beautiful, solute the retail industry window video display problems perfectly. Currently retail showcase for the transparent led banner, not only light, thin, easy to install, but also to achieve the smallest pixel pitch of 3mm and transparent degree high more than 80%. Its use needs to overcome the ordinary paper poster posting replacement trouble, nor ordinary led Display and LCD Display, heavy, impermeable, unsightly weakness. Compared to the use of building walls, windows LED transparent LED display may be a larger market demand.

In addition, the design of transparent LED Display, advertising content Display, you can remove unnecessary background and replaced with black, only the expression of the desired content is displayed, when playing black part does not emit light, transparent effect is shown as such playback method can greatly reduce light pollution, but also can reduce the energy consumption can be achieved than ordinary LED display more than 30% energy saving.

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