​Transparent Window LED Display

​Transparent Window LED Display

Transparent window LED display Transparent Window LED screen is installed inside, but normally facing the outside sunshine condition, so in this case it also need high brightness. ERALED Transparent Window LED display have unequalled high brightness, high refresh, high IP rating, high gray...
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Transparent window LED display

Transparent Window LED screen is installed inside, 

but normally facing the outside sunshine condition, so in this case it also need high brightness. 

ERALED Transparent  Window LED display have unequalled high brightness, high refresh, high IP rating, high gray grade, high contrast ratio, high waterproof and dust-proof grade; most cost effective and multi-functional use LED display which is fit for both for outdoor Window and indoor Window applications.

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Transparent window LED displays are an innovation in the retail and corporate sector and the next generation of window displays which create an amazing impact on store fronts and shop windows.

These displays allow the shopfront or atrium to be converted into a digital advertising space, whilst allowing transparency into the building.

This allows retailers to maximise the impact of advertising campaigns without blocking out larger areas of the windows. Natural Sunlight is allowed into the building and digital content is transmitted out.

The modular structure allows systems to be built to accommodate windows of all sizes, including atriums spanning several floors.

Content can be delivered via a customised controller, allowing for rich and vibrant presentations.

The LED displays are available in several pixel pitches, allowing for the viewing distance and content, to be tailored to the individual location and objective of the campaign.

The displays are installed inside the store behind the existing glass but due to its robustness and light weight can also light up the sides of buildings etc.

The modular LED arrays are built to a custom sub frame (manufactured of high quality aluminium, which can be installed in several ways depending on the site).

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Video visible in full sunlight and keep transparency

See through from the inside as well

Easy applied on inside of glass

Real live video images in glass

No issue with permissions from governments

Easy to install and replace LEDS

No limits in size

Plug and play with PC, server, or others

Any file can be visualized mp4, 3D, 2D, videos, in HD

Incredible transparency. The transparency level is higher than 80%. The resolution level is so huge that you can't recognize a pixel if you are standing from five meters or more.

Easy Setup. Just plug the screen and reproduce promo video. Quick and easy installation does not require special skills.

Light load. If we compare the weight of our products with other LFD variants, we'll see that LED screen Glasses are two times lighter.

High brightness level. We have already discussed that matter – the screens can be recognized under direct sunlight from a country mile.

Energy efficient. The level of electric power consumption is feeble.

Easy to update and maintain. Screen life expectancy is higher than one hundred thousand hours and one can always replace LED strips. They are easily stripped without the need of replacing the whole panel.

The greatest advantage of the product lies in its total flexibility, sizing and shaping - the only limit is the resolution. The usage of advanced technologies is the reason why LED display can produce an astonishing palette of colors. If you decide to use these wonderful LED Screen Glasses you will be fully satisfied!

Transparent Window LED display is a new type of showcase, which has a transparent LED on the front instead of glass en exhibits the product inside. This showcase attracts customers by setting the exhibited product in vivid contrast to its background of digital contents.

With 80% transparence, Transparent Window LED display Screens has made a super transparent LED screen. The panel thickness is just 10mm, so the LED unit panel can be installed from behind the glass and perfectly integrated with the glass. The unit size can be customized according to the size of the glass and has little influence on the light-gathering and transparence of the glass wall. It's also easy to install and maintain. With all these advantages, the super transparent LED screen is very suitable in the field of architectural media.

This design greatly decreases the structural unit's blocks to the view, at the same time greatly increases the transparency of the glass wall. When the audiences stand in an idea position, the super transparent LED screen can create a special displaying effect– to the audiences the pictures appear to float on the glass wall. If you display advertisements on the super transparent LED screen, you can get rid of the unnecessary bottom color ,and change the color to dark which don't give off  light when the super transparent LED screen is played, just like it's disappearing, thus the screen only displays the needed content. This playing method can greatly reduce light pollution and energy consumption.

Transparent LED Screen Glass continues to gain popularity within the world market and we are ready to provide a wide array of choices

Thanks to these advanced technology products every visitor, passer-by or an ordinary street walker would be able to see the announcement from a advertiser. The pixel pitch varies from 3.91 to 25 mm and brightness level can reach 7000 nit level. Transparent  LED screens are the brightest and best displays in its price bracket. 

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Unparalleled TransparencyGreater than 80% Transparency at highest resolution
Easy SetupPlug and play. Super quick and easy for installation.
Light WeightOnly weighted 18kg/pcs (including hanging strings and power supplies). It weights half of most LED displays.
High Brightness & Energy EfficientWith 6000nits (cd/m2) in brightness, the display is visible under direct sun light and can be used 24/7
Easy to MaintainLong life expectancy (100,000 hrs) as replacement LED strips are swapped in easily without having to replace the entire panel.


  • High transparency

    Transparency can reach up to 75%-95% with the highest resolution, screen is almost invisible when viewed from 5 meter.

  • Modular design

    Based on the most proper pixel pitch, standard modules can be assembled into display in diverse sizes.

  • Easy installation and maintenance

    Easily fix the module in the structure very fast; customized installation is also available.

  • Easy transportation with light weight

    Only 12 kg/sqm including all the structure and power supply, which is half the weight of traditional LED screen.

  • High brightness

    The energy consumption of LED is lower than projection and LCD screen, and it's still clearly visible with high brightness even directly under sunlight.

  • Easy maintenance and update

    Long lifespan, and just replace particular LED strip instead of the whole module.

  • Beautiful appearance design

    Transparent LED modular design and simple structure make it more clear and transparent.

  • Noise-free power supply

    The noise-free power supply built into the frame will make no effect on the screen outlook.

  • Compact structure design

    With light and slim design, the screen looks compact and will save transportation and storage cost.

  • Stable performance

    Countless and strict testing before products leave the factory and enjoy good reputation among clients.

  • Complete flatness

    Precise aluminum structure ensure the perfectmodule flatness.

  • Cost efficiency

    Easy assembly and installation save a lot of labor cost.

  • Central control

    All the displays can be controlled, monitored and updated remotely and timely.

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