P1.667mm Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display

P1.667mm Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display

1.667mm Small pixel pitch LED Display has elevated the industry standard for image and video quality:► Gapless installation, wider viewing angle, good color uniformity ► Soft images,green and environmental protection ► High refresh rate, remove ghost without trailing ► Locating slot work with dowel pin to ensure good flatness ►16bit gray scale processing, color expression more naturally
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Product Details

Pixel Pitch: 1.667 mm

Pixel Configuration: SMD1010

Pixel Density: 360000 Pixels/ m2

Module Resolution: 120Pixels × 180 Pixels

Module Size: 200*300mm

Module Weight: 0.4KG

Module Maximum Power Consumption: 40W

Module Maximum Current: 8A

Brightness: 800 adjustable

Refresh Rate: >=4800 Hz

Contrast Ratio: 5000:1

Color Processing Level: 16 Bit

Cabinet Dimension: 400×300×66 mm






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Small pixel pitch LED Display is also called fine pitch LED display, narrow pixel pitch LED display which is a fast developing market and popular now since the advantages of seamless, higher contrast, higher brightness, higher gray grade etc. 

Small pixel pitch LED Display has elevated the industry standard for image and video quality. Small pixel pitch LED Display provide new opportunities for content previously restricted to LCD video wall. The smaller and tighter pixel spacing create a more detailed and crisp appearance, making these products ideal if you want to add an element of luxury and high quality to your location. Small pixel pitch LED Display deliver true-to-source color reproductions and pristine image quality with smaller available physical space at a closer viewing distance.

Even a relatively small size Small pixel pitch LED Display can have an extremely high resolution. Small pixel pitch LED Display produce more heat than traditional pixel pitches because more LEDs are concentrated together in the product design. Small pixel pitch LED Display's performance depends on managing this heat to keep color reproduction and brightness at peak performance. Our Small pixel pitch LED Display effortlessly manage heat, with half of the power consumption of an industry standard solution and cool operation even at full brightness.

Small pixel pitch LED display mainly refers to the models which the pixel pitch no more than 2.5mm, such as P2.5mm, P2.0mm, P1.923mm, P1.875mm, P1.667mm, P1.562mm, P1.25mm, P1.2mm, P1.0mm, P0.88mm, P0.75mm etc. Small pixel pitch LED display need high precision SMT machine to produce since common SMT machine can just produce the pixel pitch which is bigger than 2.5mm.  Our factory have the industry's highest precision super high-speed SMT machine from Japan Yamaha which is equiped for small pixel pitch LED display production. Small pixel pitch LED display market is increasing more than 70% in the last 2 years and is still increasing much faster than the conventional products.  


Do I need a wide Small pixel pitch LED display to play 16:9 movies?

Playing Videos on Small pixel pitch LED display

To play videos on a Small pixel pitch LED display a video file will be loaded into the Small pixel pitch LED display software if the format is in AVI or MPEG. Another option is that the video(s) or publicity spot(s) is placed on a DVD and can be loaded with the Small pixel pitch LED display software directly from the DVD. But the question will be: "In what aspect ratio I have to produce my video?". The answer is very simple and will be explained in this article!

Wide Display and Letterbox Mode for Small pixel pitch LED display

A DVD-player or blu-ray can be connected to any Small pixel pitch LED display, but with a wide Display Small pixel pitch LED display you will get the most viewing enjoyment. DVD-Video supports multiple aspect ratios. Video stored on a DVD in 16:9 format is horizontally squeezed to a 4:3 (standard TV) ratio. On Wide-Display Small pixel pitch LED display, the squeezed image is enlarged by the Small pixel pitch LED display to an aspect ratio of 16:9.

DVD video players and video files output wide Display video on Small pixel pitch LED display in three different ways

Letterbox (for 4:3 Small pixel pitch LED display)

Pan & scan (for 4:3 Displays)

Anamorphic or unchanged (for wide Small pixel pitch LED display)

In wide Display or letterbox mode, if a movie is wider than 16:9 (and most are), additional thin black bars will be added to the top and bottom at production time or the sides will be cropped. Video stored in 4:3 format is not changed by the player. It will appear normally on a 4:3 Display. wide Display systems will either stretch it horizontally or add black bars to the sides.

Advanced Live Video Processor for Small pixel pitch LED display

With our advanced live video processor, the image can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to make the image or video fit the Display. Another option is to produce the video in the right aspect ration of the Display, due to the fact that some Displays do have odd sizes which makes the aspect ratio wider or longer.

Conclusion Aspect Ratio Small pixel pitch LED display

It is not necessary to have a wide Display Small pixel pitch LED display to play different kind of movies, video clips and pictures and animations. A Small pixel pitch LED display can play any kind of aspect ratio, although it might be possible that the image will be cropped leaving a black line at the top, bottom, left or right of the image. But with the advanced live video processor it can be eliminated although the image will deform a bit depending on the aspect ratio.

1.Concept or define of the LED chip: LED chip is a semiconductor which can converts electric energy into visible light. The chemical compound used within an LED determines its color, brightness and power efficiency.

2.Concept or define of LED lamps: LED is short for 3 words: Light Emitting Diode 

According to the LED chip’s encapsulation type, LED lamps have several different types, like: 

SMD(Surface Mountinging Device), DIP(Dual In Line package),Dot matrix, etc. 

Generally speacking the LED lamps come in two basic forms:SMD and DIP.

SMD LED display is more and more popular since the Advantages of perfect: color blending capability, no color shift at extreme angles, much wider viewing angle comparing to DIP. More important reason why SMD is more popular is the resolution of SMD LED display is much higher than DIP LED display. For example, the smallest pixel for DIP LED display is 10mm. However, the smallest pixel pitch for SMD LED display is 3.2mm which means 9 times resolution higher than DIP LED displays. Furthermore, the SMD LED display is more energy saving and cost is also lower than DIP LED display

Acoording to the SMD LED’s encapsulation size, SMD LED can be classified to several models, like: 0606 SMD,0808 SMD,0909 SMD,1010 SMD,1515 SMD, 2020 SMD,2121 SMD,3528 SMD,1921 SMD,2525 SMD,2727 SMD,3535 SMD,5050 SMD etc

SMD 1921, 2525, 2727, 3535, 5050 is used for outdoor waterproof models, others is used for indoor non-waterproof models. 

Acoording to the SMD LED’s encapsulation color:, SMD LED can be classified to Black LED lamps and white LEDs.

SMD Black LED lamps:


SMD white LED lamps:


Black SMD is 50% lower brightness, but can be viewed more clearly under the sunshine because the contrast ratio is higher, gray grade is higher as you can see from the below 2 SMD white LED display and SMD Black LED display’s actual comparison under the sunshine condition.  Below picture to show: left is white SMD LED display, right is total black SMD LED display: 



What does the Gray grades mean?

Gray grades means one color from the most dark to most brightness 's grade. More Gray grades mean more color displayed and more definition.

What does the Refresh frequency mean?

The frame transform speed, more high,more comfortable when we are looking it.because there is no delay of the pic display

What does the Driving Method mean?

Driving Method means use the Driving IC to control the LEDs, 1/1 scan means one pin to control one LED. it is usually used for outdoor. we have 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16 for Indoor, because it will effect the brightness and consumption of the LEDs.

What does the Driving IC mean?

Driving IC means to control the LEDs current,LEDs usually the constant current 0.16mA to 1.2mA. so it is important for screen to use the good Driving IC, we used the MBI5153,5045,etc.

What does the Protection grades mean?

IP65 means waterproof and dust protection. so it can be used outdoor,if the IP54, then will be used indoor

Will the product have an on/off switch or will it stay on as long as it is plugged?

We can turn the powe supply on/off through our control system software, so you can turn it on/off through the PC. We also can set when the screen be off and when the screen be on.

Can the images on this product only be updated by using the RS232 or can it be controlled from a different location via Bluetooth? How about a remote control?

Now, we have the asynchronism control system.   we have a receiving card in the Screen, it has integrated the Micro-System that has the function to store and play Video.  it have the external interface with USB, CF Card,SD/MMC Card to store the Video files.  you just need edit the video in your PC, and then copy it to the external equipment. it can play MPEG,AVI,RM,MP3 and so on. the total pixels it can control is 320x192 dots. so it can be used in the small screen.

Remote control pc can manage and monitor a group of led tv network through internet or lan.

How much of humidity can this product withstand?

The screen working humidity is 10%-95% RH and the working temperature is -20 to +60 degrees. it will be work normally in the atrocious weather.

What are the differences between INDOOR and OUTDOOR Screens??

From a general point of view the difference between indoor and outdoor screens are the following: #1 – Resolution: as the outdoor screens are usually watched from greater distances, they do not need the highest resolution (from great distance the human eye do not discriminate small details anyways). The cost due to the big dimensions is therefore compensated by the lower resolution needed to provide a good image quality.

What is The synchronous control system?

It means is not need the date wire and PC when it is playing, just edit the play files with computer first,then through a date wire copy it into the USB, CF Card,SD/MMC Card. And put the card into the receiving card external interface, then the screen will play the edited files.

What is sending card/receiving card?

Sending card to send the DVI signal (graphic card with the DVI singal interface transit the DVI singal to sending card) to the screen, receiving card+hub card to send the DVI signal to all modules

Where would the DVI cable be connected to?

DVI signal, Graphic card to sending card to receiving card+hub card to the screens. just use RJ-45 data wire to connect the sending card and receving card.

What is the use of graphic card and hub card and where would it be placed?

Graphic card is fixed in the PCI or VGA interface of the PC mainboard. the hub card fixed on the receiving card to extend the signal

A LED display is a video display which uses light-emitting diodes. An LED panel is a small display, or a component of a larger display or Display. They are typically used outdoors in store signs and billboards, and in recent years have also become commonly used in destination signs on public transport vehicles. LED panels are sometimes used as form of lighting, for the purpose of general illumination, task lighting, or even stage lighting rather than display.

Types of LED display

There are two types of LED panels: conventional (using discrete LEDs) and surface-mounted device (SMD) panels. Most outdoor Displays and some indoor Displays are built around discrete LEDs, also known as individually mounted LEDs. A cluster of red, green, and blue diodes is driven together to form a full-color pixel, usually square in shape. These pixels are spaced evenly apart and are measured from center to center for absolute pixel resolution. The largest LED Display in the world is over 1,500 foot (457.2 m) long and is located in Las ERALED, Nevada covering the Fremont Street Experience. The largest LED television in the world, the Center Hung Video Display at Cowboys Stadium, is 160 by 72 feet (49 by 22 m), 11,520-square-foot (1,070 m2).

Most indoor Displays on the market are built using SMD technology—a trend that is now extending to the outdoor market. An SMD pixel consists of red, green, and blue diodes mounted on a chipset, which is then mounted on the driver PC board. The individual diodes are smaller than a pinhead and are set very close together. The difference is that the maximum viewing distance is reduced by 25% from the discrete diode Display with the same resolution.

Indoor use generally requires a Display that is based on SMD technology and has a minimum brightness of 600 candelas per square meter (cd/m², sometimes informally called nits). This will usually be more than sufficient for corporate and retail applications, but under high ambient-brightness conditions, higher brightness may be required for visibility. Fashion and auto shows are two examples of high-brightness stage lighting that may require higher LED brightness. Conversely, when a Display may appear in a shot on a television studio set, the requirement will often be for lower brightness levels with lower color temperatures (common displays have a white point of 6500 to 9000 K, which is much bluer than the common lighting on a television production set).

For outdoor use, at least 2,000 cd/m² is required for most situations, whereas higher-brightness types of up to 5,000 cd/m² cope even better with direct sunlight on the Display. (The brightness of LED panels can be reduced from the designed maximum, if required.)

Suitable locations for large display panels are identified by factors such as line of sight, local authority planning requirements (if the installation is to become semi-permanent), vehicular access (trucks carrying the Display, truck-mounted Displays, or cranes), cable runs for power and video (accounting for both distance and health and safety requirements), power, suitability of the ground for the location of the Display (if there are no pipes, shallow drains, caves, or tunnels that may not be able to support heavy loads), and overhead obstructions.

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