Fine Pitch LED Display

Fine Pitch LED Display

The world's most light weight LED display:3.5KG/Cabinet, 14KG/㎡, Portable, Quick Set-Up.Heat Dissipation Structure, High-performance Heat Dissipation, Fanless, Fully Slicent Operation.High Refresh Rate, High Contrast, High Grey Scale, Bright Color.Ultra Wide Angle of View , Large Viewing Areas.Special Locks for Set up
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Fine Pitch Indoor UHD Rental LED Display

ERALED Fine Pitch Indoor UHD Rental LED Display is providing solutions for Mall,enterprise, school, stage, bank, police, traffic, custom, hospital, airport,train station and sport arena etc.

Long Lifespan

High quality components, after 1000 hours aging test under 80, overall light decay rate less than 10%.

Super light weight, slim and space saving

Can be easily mounted to the wall without changing the building structure.


1010 black SMD LED, increase contrast ratio and enhance the visual performance.

Super wide viewing angle

Horizontally and verticall140 viewing angle, allow audienceto see the perfect image from every direction.

High profile S-PWM driver IC

The self-refresh circuit is built inside S-PWM, it can significantly increase the refresh rate, up to 1920Hz.

Seamless Alignment with Precision

Assemble the display from any direction, size and shape, there will be no gap or black line, only perfect visual effect.

Easy maintenance

The whole cabinet uses one kind of screw, allow user to maintain the cabinet with only one tool.


Mall, enterprise,school, stage, bank, police, traffic, custom, hospital, airport, train station and sport arena.


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