500x500 Dual Service Die-casting Cabinet Rental LED Display

New upgraded cableless dual service Die-casting Aluminium design for professional rental solutions and another benchmark product from ERALED. Cableless design makes you convenient for installation. Very good experience of manufacturing thousands cableless Series LED cabinet.
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Product Details

500x500 dual service Die-casting Cabinet Rental LED display with cable connection

Sleek & Slim design
The cabinet is slim and rear design is smooth edged surface that makes you handle safely.  


Innovative handle

Handle is innovative, grip and wide for easy handling.   

UI LCD display

The rear box has LCD display that it shows voltage, temperature, cabinet usage timing for every time used and total hours of usage. Power and signal lamps indicates cabinet status.   


Dual data connection

There is optional data connecting port on cabinets
under rear box, you can use it if standard one fails.


No FRC & Power cable

Everything is connected with pin type socket. Cable free design makes it fast for installation and stable in data/power transmission.


实拍 (52).JPG

Dual fixing module

The modules are fixed by magnet and by screw for fast assembling, and no tools required for installation.


Front & Rear Maintenance

It makes you remove the modules without
any tools and maintain the screen in front side as well as rear side easily. 



Strong  Locks for hanging installation

The cabinets locks are smooth edged, easy handling and strong that you can hang up to 20pcs cabinet in vertical.


Easy ground installation

Special structural design that helps you to
     install the screen on ground without any tools.     



Fast assembling & disassembling

   No tools are required for installation of screen.  


Outdoor specifications:


Indoor specifications:

indoor rental.png

1 features.jpg

2 wide viewing angle.jpg

3 StormTest.jpg

5 test4+5.jpg

4 test2+3.jpg

6 test 6+7.jpg

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