Sports Stadium Perimeter LED Display

IP68 High waterproof protection grade for both front and back side; 7000nits High Brightness; 3840Hz High Refresh Rate; HDR function supported also
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Outdoor Sports stadium perimeter LED Display

Live broadcast standards

Refresh rate of this perimeter board reaches up to 3840HZ, it enables the high-speed camera to capture any HD image of the display without appearing any scanning line while it is on air, meeting the needs of TV broadcast and live slow motion HD playback.

Adjustable angle

With folding and telescopic devices installed behind the display, the cabinet can be adjusted freely to seven degrees (0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 25°, 30°) to ensure the best viewing angle.

Human-oriented design to keep player safe

Featuring soft rubber on mask and top of cabinet, all these protections can effectively prevent players from being injured by accidental collisions.

Emergency exit

Emergency exit sports stadium perimeter LED display

Emergency exit sports stadium perimeter LED screen

Each row of cabinets is equipped with emergency exits and can be easily operated by player or audience in case of any emergent situation.

Cabinet Safety Design

Soft Rubber Cover that protect the LED lamps from striking by ball or player.

Cabinet Top cushion that protect the players from Injury.

Cabinet Viewing Angle adjustable 

Cabinet viewing angle can be adjusted flexibly(65°- 75°- 90°) that enhances viewers’ visibility.

Fast assembling

To connect 2 cabinets with each other takes only 8 seconds.

Mistake tracking system

This function makes trouble-shooting process more efficient and easier, which can also detect the unusual operation of the display timely.

Wide display Viewing Angle

SMD technology provides a possible display viewing angle of 140 degree both vertically and horizontally.

6"High" Performance

High protection grade: IP68 waterproof for both front and back side

High Brightness: 8000nits

High Refresh Rate: 4000Hz

High Grey Scale: 65536 levels

High Contrast: 8000:1

HDR function supported

IP68 ingress protection, absolutely waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

Accurate calibration technology

Point-by-point chroma correction: correcting color of each diode, eliminating chroma differences among different batches of diodes.

Highly customizable

It avails to provide customized solution to customers according to different purposes so as to create a screen that is perfectly workable to stadium.

Outdoor Sports stadium perimeter LED Display



ERALED Sports stadium perimeter LED Display


ERALED's Sports stadium perimeter LED Display solutions create flexible, cost-effective advertising mediums and give you the ultimate sports experience - before, during and after the game. As for sponsors and vendors, they will love your ERALED display's attention-grabbing power for promotion for future events, merchandise and concession sales! 

It totally meets UEFA stadium standard requirement, TUV-EMC certificated, widely used in different sport events.

Robust and shockproof, Modular waterproof design, IP68 all weather available, which makes outdoor use reliable, saving operational cost.

High resolution displays delicate and vivid pictures. HD camera can shoot every wonderful scene.

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