P3.91mm Outdoor UHD Rental LED Display

P3.91mm UHD Small Pixel Pitch Outdoor Rental LED Display ERALED Outdoor Rental LED display with newest die-casting aluminum cabinet is the industry leading Outdoor Rental LED display with newest die-casting aluminum cabinet is the industry leading rental LED display product with the advantage...
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P3.91mm UHD Small Pixel Pitch Outdoor Rental LED Display

Pixel    Pitch(Unit:mm)


Pixel    configuration/LED lamp's encapsulation type


Scanning method


Pixel    density(Unit:pixels/㎡)


Module Total    Resolution(L×H)(unit: pixel)


Module Total    Dimension(L×H)(unit: mm)


Module Total    Dimension(Unit:㎡)


Cabinet Total    Dimension(L×H)(unit: mm)


Cabinet Total    Dimension(Unit:㎡)


Cabinet Total    Resolution(L×H)(unit: pixel)


Color Processing    Level(unit:bit)


Fresh    frequency(hz)




Module    Weight(unit:KG/module)


Module Maximum    Power Consumption(unit:W/module)


Module Maximum    Current(unit:A/module)


Cabinet    Weight(unit:KG/Cabinet )




ERALED Outdoor Rental LED display with newest die-casting aluminum cabinet is the industry leading Outdoor Rental LED display with newest die-casting aluminum cabinet is the industry leading rental LED display product with the advantage of:

Front and back dual side maintenance cabinet: Convenient to assemble and disassemble/ No need maintenance channel

Seamless and high precision, perfect flatness

Excellent heat dissipation

Fan less Quiet operation

High refresh, High contrast and High grayscale 

Ultra-wide viewing angle

Multifunctional use cabinet design with compatible all the indoor and outdoor mainstream rental models including indoor rental P2.84,P2.98,P3.91,P4.81,P5.95,P6.25mm and outdoor rental P3.91mm, P4.81mm. 


Sleek & Slim design

The cabinet is slim and rear design is smooth edged surface that makes you handle safely. 


Innovative handle

Handle is innovative, grip and wide for easy handling. 

UI LCD display

The rear box has LCD display that it shows voltage, temperature, cabinet usage timing for every time used and total hours of usage. Power and signal lamps indicates cabinet status.   


Dual data connection

There is optional data connecting port on cabinets

under rear box, you can use it if standard one fails.

No Data & Power cable

Everything is connected with pin type socket. Cable free design makes it fast for installation and stable in data/power transmission.



Dual fixing module

The modules are fixed by magnet and by screw for fast assembling, and no tools required for installation.


Front & Rear Maintenance

It makes you remove the modules without

any tools and maintain the screen in front side as well as rear side easily. 



Convenient for both 

hanging and Stacking installation

Special structural design that helps you to install the screen

 on ground or hanging without any tools.

Fast assembling & disassembling

   No tools are required for installation of screen.  

Super light: 40% lighter than conventional aluminum cabinet

Super slim: high-strength, more slim than conventional aluminum cabinet in the design, thinner around 30%;

Fast cooling: excellent heat dissipation performance to protect the module circuit

Anti-interference: Special anti-electromagnetic interference function

High-strength: tensile test to reach 300KG, more strength than conventional aluminum cabinet

Easy installation: Special fast lock, only need 20 second to complete the installation of one cabinet

High precision: seamless splicing after CNC processing, high precision die-casting cabinet achieves high flatness and seamless matching of the whole display.

High universality: Can be installed arbitrary hole machining, indoor and outdoor

Easy maintenance: front accessible maintenance available; Support for both front and rear maintenance.

High cost-effective: complete production and supply chain

Innovative handle: Handle is innovative, grip and wide for easy handling.

Short ROI: Super Light and slim which means Easy handle, transport and low cost of assemble and disassemble, which maximum your revenue with the lowest cost and shorten your ROI time

Uniform color and high contrast ensure clear and sharp picture.

Fan-less design with good dissipation guarantees noise-free effect.

High stability and reliability prolong the lifespan of LED display.

Energy saving:

50% energy saving with very low power consumption, low electricity fee, low heat generation, much longer lifetime, long lifetime high brightness and low failure pixels;

Wide application and short ROI:

High resolution, high brightness, energy saving advantages make it fit for various wide application, like: outdoor and indoor advertising, rental and events, staging and decoration, mobile truck vehicle advertising, poster advertising, government and commercial advertising; Sports Stadium live broadcasting and perimeter banner advertising for Football Stadium, Basketball Stadium, Baseball and Softball Stadium, Hockey Stadium, Aquatics and Natatorium Stadium; digital scoreboards, billboards and video displays, Message Displays, Audio Systems,etc.

High Contrast, High Frequency and high Color Capacity:

5000: 1 Contrast Ratioa very high level to ensure a vivid image of our LED displays system. 3840HZ High Frequencya very high level to ensure a non-flicking video rebroadcasting. 16 bit, 281 trillion color Capacity-a very high gray grade to create a vivid live video effect.

First-class LED chip:

Supplied by Next-generation Nichia LED from Japan, CREE LED from USA, Nationstar LED from China best LED Stock Listed Company to ensure high brightness, uniform colors and the long lifetime our LED display system.

Sun-Cutting Long-term high Calibrated Brightness and Brightness:

6000 nits brightness capacity throughout product lifetime of the LED display, creating the only true daylight viewable solution,ensuring Clear vivid image quality even in direct, full-on sunlight to ensure you attracts more audience to get short ROI of your LED display's investment.

Easy Installation, operation and servicing:

Easy and simple installation interface and user friendly software to ensure the user friendly interface of the LED display system.

Convenient maintenance:

Front and rear cabinet access make the maintain work very convenient and low cost to help you concentrate more time and energy on your main marketing promotion business.

24/7/365 Display Health:

Optional display monitoring increases display uptime and offers an immediate response should an error occur.

ERALED display is a fast growing energy saving, high tech green products which taking place of the old traditional products rapidly nowadays. You can ignore the existence of the LED display. However, the LED display will never ignore you! The LED display is appearing in every corner of the world and touching with us every second. We are living and touching with the LED display every second even we don't know it is called "LED display".

LED Display is modernizing our life, our town, our city. It's so fashion that if an important events were held without the LED display. It is called "out", "failed", etc.

Every downtown, street, shop, school, church, window was also installed the giant LED display now!

LED display is the basic necessary equipment for every country's Central Television station. Even every small town's TV station has a huge LED display now!

LED display is also the basic necessary equipment for every important sports stadium. No matter NBA, or football World Cup LED display is always the necessary equipment. Even for some sports which you may never care also equipped with the LED display, for example: Badminton, Tennis, Soccer,Volleyball,Goalball,Softball,Speedball,Handball,Rugby,Aikido,Skiing,Wrestling,Archery,Beagling,Swimming,Cue sports,Dancing,Fencing,Fishing,Golf,Grappling,Gymnastics,Hockey,Hurling,Judo,Racing,Tennis,Trampolining, etc.

Even the more and more taxi tops were equipped with the LED display now!

However, what is LED display in end?

Before we know completely what LED display is, we'd better know some basic parts first. Like: What is an LED, what is LED pixel, what is LED module, what is LED module, what is LED cabinet, etc? LED display is a new display media which using LED lamps to display the content. Each LED display is composed by a certain quantity of LED cabinets in line and columns, each LED cabinet is composed by a certain quantity of LED modules in line and columns, each LED module is composed by a certain quantity of LED pixel in line and columns, each LED pixel is composed by a certain quantity of LED lamps, each LED lamps is composed by a certain quantity of LED chip.

So the most basic smallest unit of the LED display is LED chip or LED lamps. So, let's start from the very beginning: concept of the LED, LED chip and LED lamp:

1.  Concept or define of the LED chip: LED chip is a semiconductor which can converts electric energy into visible light. The chemical compound used within an LED determines its color, brightness and power efficiency.

2.  Concept or define of LED lamps: LED is short for 3 words: Light Emitting Diode

According to the LED chip's encapsulation type, LED lamps have several different types, like:

SMD(Surface Mountinging Device), DIP(Dual In Line package),Dot matrix, etc.

Generally speacking the LED lamps come in two basic forms:SMD and DIP.

SMD LED display is more and more popular since the Advantages of perfect: color blending capability, no color shift at extreme angles, much wider viewing angle comparing to DIP. More important reason why SMD is more popular is the resolution of SMD LED display is much higher than DIP LED display. For example, the smallest pixel for DIP LED display is 10mm. However, the smallest pixel pitch for SMD LED display is 3.2mm which means 9 times resolution higher than DIP LED displays. Furthermore, the SMD LED display is more energy saving and cost is also lower than DIP LED display

Acoording to the SMD LED's encapsulation size, SMD LED can be classified to several models, like: 0606 SMD,0808 SMD,0909 SMD,1010 SMD,1515 SMD, 2020 SMD,2121 SMD,3528 SMD,1921 SMD,2525 SMD,2727 SMD,3535 SMD,5050 SMD etc

SMD 1921, 2525, 2727, 3535, 5050 is used for outdoor waterproof models, others is used for indoor non-waterproof models.

Acoording to the SMD LED's encapsulation color:, SMD LED can be classified to Black LED lamps and white LEDs.

SMD Black LED lamps:


SMD white LED lamps:


Black SMD is 50% lower brightness, but can be viewed more clearly under the sunshine because the contrast ratio is higher, gray grade is higher as you can see from the below 2 SMD white LED display and SMD Black LED display's actual comparison under the sunshine condition.  Below picture to show: left is white SMD LED display, right is total black SMD LED display: 



Each SMD LED lamp contains red, green and blue LED chip, meanwhile each DIP LED lamps only contains one color LED chip of either red color LED chip, green color LED chip or blue color LED chip.

Dual In Line LED lamps


Dual In Line LED lamps use a reflector cup and an epoxy lens package with dual legs, that is why it's called DIP. This combination as well as the type of chip used, plays a role in determining the elliptical viewing angle produced. A Dual In Line LED's reflector cup focuses the light emitted by the chip into a specific viewing area.

DIP LED display is very popular before the year of 2015, 90% of outdoor full color LED video display were made of DIP LED lamps. However, SMD LED display taking place of the DIP LED lamps rapidly after the year of 2016. Nowadays, 95% of the full color LED display is made of SMD LED lamps. 

3.Concept or define of LED pixel: Pixel is short for picture elements, are points of light that illuminate to form letters, words, graphics, animations and video images. One pixel can be made up of a single LED lamp, multiple LED lamps of the same color or multiple LED lamps of different colors. They are the smallest elements of the electronic display system that can be individually controlled and turned off or on at various brightness levels. Pixel is also called dot, is also the most basic and smallest unit of resolution. For example, when we say HD, UHD resolution: normally refers to how many pixels or dots in length and how many pixels or dots in height. HD means the resolution should be 1920 pixels in length, 1080 pixels in height. UHD means the resolution should be 3840 pixels in length, 2160 pixels in height, or even 7680 pixels in length, 4320 pixels in height. LED pixel is also the basic and smallest unit of LED module since each module is composed by a certain amount of LED pixels. 

4.Concept or define of pixel pitch: pixel pitch means the distance between the 2 most close neighboring pixels in line and column. For example, if the distance between the 2 closest neighboring pixels in line and column is 8mm and 3mm, then we call this LED display model: pixel pitch Indoor Rental LED display . Pixel Pitch is normally just called PH, or P. So, PH8mm equals to P8mm.

5.Concept or define of LED module: LED module is the basic unit of LED cabinet which were composed by a certain amount of LED pixels.

6.Concept or define of LED cabinet: LED cabinet is basic unit of LED display which were composed by a certain amount of LED modules.

7.Concept or define of LED display: LED display is the final product which were composed by a certain amount of LED cabinets.

8.Concept or define of LED display models: all the LED display products' model is normally classified and defined by the pixel pitch. ERALED display products' Pixel pitch typically ranges from 1.2mm up to 20mm for indoor and outdoor LED displays. Our indoor LED display model list: P1.25mm, P1.562mm, P1.667mm, P1.875mm, P1.923mm, P2.0mm, P2.5mm, P2.88mm, P2.98mm, P3mm, P3.91mm, P4mm, P4.81mm, P5mm, P5.95, P8mm,P6.25mm; Our outdoor LED display model list: P3mm, P3.2mm, P3.338mm,P3.91mm, P4mm, P4.81mm, P5mm, P5.95, P8mm,P6.25mm, P6.8mm, P6.667mm, P8mm, P10mm, P10.68mm, P12mm, P18mm, P20mm.

Pixel pitch directly correlates your display resolution and optimal viewing distance. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the pixel density, the higher the resolution, the more pixels used to make up the image on your display, thus improving the resolution and optimal viewing distance. What does this mean in more simple and plain terms? The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer a viewer can stand to your display and still have a very good image quality. 

Theoretically speaking, the smaller pixel pitch, the better. However, we are living in the realistic world which have many limitations, especially the resources and money. The smaller pixel pitch LED display always have better image quality, but also increase the cost since the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the pixel density, the higher the LED lamps quantity needed. Each LED lamps is not so expensive. However, when the pixel pitch is very small, like 1.25mm pixel pitch, each square meter LED display area need 640000 LED lamps which is more than half a million LED lamps. So the cost is also extremely high! So, even 1.25mm pixel pitch indoor LED display and 3.2mm pixel pitch outdoor LED display is the smallest pixel pitch LED display among all models. However, 98% customer still choose other bigger pixel pitch LED display to match their demand and balance their ROI time. For example, using 1.875-8mm pixel pitch indoor LED display and 3.91-10mm pixel pitch outdoor LED display. By having a smaller pixel pitch, you increase the number of LED pixels for your display. The more LED pixels in your display, the higher your expense. You can cut your costs and still have a fantastic display by going with a larger pixel pitch if your audience isn't too close to your screen. If your display is in a space where your target audience will be closer to the display screen, such as in a shopping mall's retail environment, a 1.2-2.5 mm pixel pitch LED display is probably better suited to your needs. If you are hanging your display higher and in turn further from your target, for a project such as airport signage, a 2.5-5mm pixel pitch LED display may be best for you. 

9.Concept or define of LED display resolution? LED display resolution is defined by how many pixels or dots in length and how many pixels or dots in height on the physical area of the LED display. HD LED display means the resolution should be 1920 pixels in length, 1080 pixels in height. UHD LED display resolution means the resolution should be 3840 pixels in length, 2160 pixels in height, or even 7680 pixels in length, 4320 pixels in height. Resolution is mainly determined by pixel pitch and LED display size. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution; the larger the LED display size, the higher the resolution. So, there's 2 ways to increase the LED display resolution: using smaller pixel pitch technology or increasing the LED display size: When the LED display pixel pitch is certain, then increasing the LED display size to increase the resolution; When the LED display size is certain, then using smaller pixel pitch LED display size to increase the resolution. 

10.Concept or define of the viewing distances:Viewing distances are calculated based on the display type and the distance from the display. Each display will have a minimum and a maximum viewing distance that may vary based on application and intended use. A large character will have a longer viewing distance while a small character will have a shorter viewing distance. ERALED uses 50 feet for every one inch of character distance as a general point of reference. Character spacing, also known as pixel pitch, will vary between indoor and outdoor display applications. 

11.Concept or define of LED display viewing angle: the viewing angle is the viewing angle where the measured light intensity is 50% of its maximum value(seeing from the middle front). Measuring brightness or luminosity is done by using a spectroradiometer. Spectroradiometers typically take measurements of spectral irradiance and spectral radiance, which spectral data can be used to calculate luminosity (cd/m²). When choosing a display, consider where it will be installed and the angle at which the display will be viewed. Image quality will be at it's best within the viewing angle of the display—where your primary intended audience should be located. Readability angle or viewing angle will normally exceed the optimum viewing angle depending on site-specific circumstances and ambient light conditions.

12.What is LED Type, module size and module resolution?

LED Type is the description of LED lamp, for instance, the brand, the shape in physical, the size of the lamp, etc.

Module size is the measurement of a module.

Module resolution is the number of pixels per module.

13.What is Pixel Pitch, Pixel Density, LED QTY,and Pixel Configuration?

Pixel Pitch is the distance between the 2 most closest neighboring pixels.

Pixel Density is the quantity of pixels per square meter.

LED QTY is the quantity of LED lamps per square.

Pixel Configuration is the description of the consistence of a pixel, for instance, we use 1 red lamp, 1 green lamp, 1 blue lamp to compose a pixel, the pixel configuration is 1R1G1B.

14.What is LED Display Contrast ratio?

Along with proper brightness, a display must have high contrast for good readability. Contrast is the difference between the background's "off state" (blank display area) versus the "on state" (illuminated display area). High contrast increases the readability, much like white text on a black background, causing readers to focus on what needs to be seen. The highest contrast appears in a display with a dark border and a consistent dark black background across the entire display with minimal sunlight reflection. A louver system provides shading and black, non-reflective materials ensure the least amount of reflection. Polycarbonate or acrylic face material may provide as high a contrast as flat black paint or a black potting encapsulant.

16. What is LED Display Video?

Video can be described as display a moving image, which is made up of many individual frames played at a fast rate. Good video is played at 30 frames per second or higher. Slower rate can begin to look choppy and affect the presentation quality.

Video content can be "live", such as previously recorded live feeds, or previously created content full-capable video displays as being capable of both live feeds and pre-produced content, whereas graphic messaging displays are only capable of pre-produced, or stored content. Many LED Display applications do not require the live feed capability or complexity of these systems. The higher the level of expectation, the higher the required display capability.

Video graphical frames require high pixel counts and color depth to provide good definition for highly detailed, accurate and recognizable images. Video clips can be small displays with minimal color depth, but the image will look pixilated and will lack definition; however, the results may be acceptable for certain applications. Color depth, or levers, is the amount of color available to portray the image. Most digital video content is 16.7 million colors but more levels of color depth are recommended to provide proper color matching to the original image. Video purists suggest a minimum of 1 billion colors for best video images.

17. What is LED Colors & Intensities?

The color and brightness emitted by an LED are determined by the chemical composition and construction. Single-color (monochrome) displays are made up of one color of LEDs, whereas full-color displays contain LEDs that emit red, green and blue light. The color efficiency of the human eye has different sensitivity to different colors, and therefore perceives the brightness of each color differently.

The number of LEDs alone does not determine display brightness. The design, quality, brightness, lens and viewing angle of the LEDs, as well ad the drive method and contrast of the module, determine the overall brightness of a display. In fact, using more LED's per unit area creates more hear and therefore requires more cooling. 

18. What is LED Display Lifetime?

The operational lifetime of an LED Display is determined by the lifetime of the LEDs. LED Manufacturers estimate the LED lifetime to be 100,000 hours under certain operating conditions. LED Display end of lifetimes is when the frontal brightness has decreated to 50% of original brightness.

Three primary factors determine LED lifetime:

Manufacturing process of the LED

Driving (powering) method of the LED

Temperatures present at the LED die during operation

LED thermal management is vitally important to maintaining LED lifetime. Increasing the power through an LED increases brightness but reduces its lifetime due to increased heat generation. Increased exposure to higher temperature also shortens the lifetime. LED thermal managerment can only be done through the LED lead frame by conducting the heat to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and by allowing allowing airflow to cool the LED lead frame.

LED Display components must be designed to handle a wide rang of outdoor environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity. All components must be coated to protect from possible corrosion. 

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