Sailing For 2016, CCTV Cross-year Eve Gala Live Broadcast LED Display

- Sep 14, 2017-

Sailing for 2016, CCTV Cross-year Eve Gala live broadcast LED Display

Name:  Sailing for 2016

Date:  12/20/2015

Place:  CCTV new stage, Studio No.1.

Trapezoid main screen:

the upper base: 16m;   the bottom base: 24m

the height:  5.5m;     resolution:  6144*1408

Roof ring screen:

outer ring: 22.5m(W); 1.5m(H)

inner ring: 21m(W); 1.5m(H)

resolution: 11136*384

Ribbon side screen(2 groups):

each group: 23.5m(W);  1.5m(H);  resolution: 12032*384

Ribbon roof screen:

48m(W);  1m(H);   resolution: 12288*256

The stage frontal screen:

26.5m(W); 0.5m(H);   resolution: 6784*128

Place:  CCTV new stage, Studio No.3.

The middle main screen:

          12m(W);  6m(H);  resolution: 3072*1536

Dragon door large screen:

          8m(W);  5m(H);  resolution: 9216*128

Dragon door small screen:

          7m(W);  5m(H);  resolution: 8448*128

The side ring screen(2 sides, each side contains 5 layers,):

          each layer: total perimeter 45m; 1m(H);

          resolution: 11520*256

The center ring screen(3 groups):

          each group: perimeter 3.5m; 1.5m(H)

resolution: 2688*384

CCTV new stage, Studio No.1.