LED Video Wall And LED Backlit LCD Video Wall Comparison

- Oct 30, 2017-

LED Video Wall And LED Backlit LCD Video Wall Comparison


LED Display

LED Backlit LCD Display

High Brightness

More vivid as the brightness is much higher

Only suitable for indoor usage and brightness levels are much lower than LED

High Contrast

True color replication and high contrast

Low contrast ratio as compared to LED Video wall

Cost Effective

Cost efficient than an LCD Video wall of the same size

Expensive solutions and requires a lot of additional expensive wiring and audio-video equipments for operation

Long Life

Long life on an average 7-10 years

Average life of 3-5 years


Completely weatherproof solution which is viewable under direct sunlight

Not suitable for outdoor climatic conditions of rain, sun, dust etc

Industry Application

Suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications across all sectors

Only suitable for indoor applications like control rooms, CCTV Surveillance etc. which requires close viewing distances


Rugged and durable

A lot more fragile and delicate


Single LED’s can be replaced in case of failures and servicing can be done onsite hence, downtime is zero

In case of failure, panels can only be repaired at the service center. Hence downtime is high