How To Reinforce The Outdoor Led Display

- Apr 21, 2018-

Outdoor led display is the overlord for outdoor display of large-screen industry, which is used by people from all over the world to promote the outdoor advertising. To outdoor led display can be long-term, stable work, at the beginning of the building, will use various methods to reinforce led display, in the later time will not be easy to appear the phenomenon such as tilt down tower.

One of the reinforcement methods for outdoor led displays: expanding the base.

In the beginning of construction, at the same time, concrete or just entered huning figure to increase the stress of the outdoor led display base area and ensure there will not be because of led display screen is overweight or tilt caused by wind is too large.

Reinforcement method 2: dig a pit.

Dig holes in the original foundation and fill the concrete with a stable base.

Reinforcement method 3: piling.

At the beginning of the construction, the foundation was reinforced by piling concrete when the foundation was made.

Reinforcement method 4: irrigation and reinforcement.

By chemical grouting, grout injection base soil in the following figure, the loose soil and base solidified in a body, is also one of the ways in which the expansion of the indirect base, also can achieve the purpose of strengthening.

Outdoor led display is not only the foundation reinforcement reinforcement, outdoor screen also need to pay special attention to steel structure, reasonable design of steel structure without can ensure that it support led display, also can ensure the long time of deformation in the course of using, let outdoor display screen can work stable.