How To Clean The Outdoor Led Screen

- Apr 21, 2018-

After the outdoor led screen is installed, regular cleaning and maintenance can make it not lose the chain at the critical moment, and the service life will be longer. Outdoor led display maintenance is not only regular maintenance, but also has a lot of attention in daily use.

Whether it is indoor or outdoor led display, you should pay attention to the starting order when you use it: turn on the computer when you use it, and then turn on the screen when the computer is running normally. Turn off the led screen and then the computer.

At the time of regular maintenance should pay special attention to whether there is rusty, rust is leaking, avoid because water has been into dust lead to internal short circuit, led screen to screen and lines to cause permanent damage.

Outdoor led display screen in the outdoor work, long suffered from the wind rain, easy to accumulate dust effect to watch the effect, to clean the screen body can use alcohol to clean the way, you can also use brush, vacuum cleaner for cleaning work, must pay attention to the can not directly use a wet towel to wipe, cause led strips off.

In the case of thunderstorm weather, due to the unstable power supply voltage, it is forbidden to use led display to prevent the impact of current voltage on the led screen.

Outdoor led display can not be used for a long time, and it can't be used for a long time. If the display is long, the power will be cut off for two or three hours every day. If you don't need to build an led screen for a long time, try to light up to three or four hours a week.

For the user, the daily cleaning and maintenance of led display only needs to do the above mentioned points.