Magic Cube LED Display

Magic Cube LED Display

Magic Cube LED display Good Flexibility Magic Cube LED Screen series products can be multi-angle folded, mix and match, mismatch, hollow to satisfy design. Black LED, Higher Contrast Magic Cube LED Screen makes use of a revolutionary new black LED , improving the contrast enormously. ​Easy...
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Magic Cube LED display


Good Flexibility


 Magic Cube LED Screen series products can be multi-angle folded, mix and match, mismatch, hollow to satisfy design.



Black LED, Higher Contrast


 Magic Cube LED Screen makes use of a revolutionary new black LED , improving the contrast enormously.

Black LED Display

Easy Installation 


By using magnets, assembling has never been so easy and can be handled by a single person.

Compatible Frame Structure

All Magic Cube LED Screen series  share the same frame structure to enable easy mix and match.






Magic Cube Accessory2

Data Cable


Data Cable

Power Cable


Power Cable

Data Cable


Data Cable






Magic Cube LED Screen cases

2016 Creamfields FestivalAustralian Open Tennis Championships 2016WAKES UP WITH AVICII by XL VideoMeeuwis Groots Touring 2015US OPEN 2015America Electric Daysi Carnival 2015America World Wrestling Entertainment 2015COLDPLAY MYLO XYLOTO Tour by XL VideoEllie Goulding Tour by XL VideoBIFFY CLYRO \'OPPOSITES’ UK ARENA TOUR by XL Video with ROE Visual MC-12F

Fit for both rental and fixed installation application which achieve the most multi-function application with one screen. 


1. Ultra-light: 3.5KG/Cabinet, 14KG/㎡ which is the world's most light weight LED display

Ultra-light will help you protect the screen better during the installation and transportation

2. Ultra slim and thin: 5.5cm thickness which is the world's thinnest LED display

Ultra slim will help you reduce 50% transportation cost

3. 50% saving of the flight case packing. Flight case dimension is just 550x800x650mm after loading 12 pcs cabinet which save 50% packing volume comparing to the conventional cabinet. 

4. Independent suspension mounting structure

No need any installation tools when installation

Patented, magnetically fast mountable architecture

5. Whole cabinet front service, Any one cabinet failure, can easily push and replace the whole cabinet or module

6. Ultra-safe, flame-retardant non-conductive

7. Equip with patent backrest

Much more faster to complete the installation

Build speed is 2 times higher than the conventional die-casting cabinet, 4 times higher than the iron or aluminum cabinet

1x1; 2x1; 4x1 backrest optional to choose

Creative installation available since the light weight, front service advantage

8. With special positioning equipment can complete the first line of screen installation very fast

Item DescriptionParameter
Unit Module Model NumberERALED-P1.73-24S ERALED-P1.95-32SERALED-P2.4-26SERALED-P2.97-28SERALED-P3.91-32S
Module size250mm×250mm 250mm*250mm250mm*250mm250mm*250mm250mm*250mm
Pixel pitch1.73mm 1.95mm2.4mm2.97mm3.91mm
Pixels Density331,776 点/㎡ 262144Pixels/㎡173056点/㎡112896点/㎡65536点/㎡
Pixel configuration1R1G1B 1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B1R1G1B
Package modeSMD1010 SMD1515SMD1515SMD1515SMD2121
Pixel resolution144dots(W)×144dots(H) 128dots(W)*128 dots(H)104dots(W)*104 dots(H)84dots(W)*84 dots(H)64dots(W)*64 dots(H)
Max Power40W 38W38W35W32W
Drive typeConstant driveConstant driveConstant driveConstant driveConstant drive
Scan mode1/24 scan1/32scan1/26scan1/28scan1/32scan
Port typeHUB75-E HUB75-EHUB75-EHUB75-EHUB75-E
Brightness of white balance800cd/㎡ ≥800cd/㎡≥800cd/㎡≥800cd/㎡≥600cd/㎡
Monomer Module Number4pcs4pcs4pcs4pcs4pcs
Power supply5V/40A×1pcs5V/40A*1pcs5V/40A*1pcs5V/40A*1pcs5V/40A*1pcs
CabinetPixel per cabinet288dots(W)×288dots(H)256dots(W)*256dots(H)208dots(W)*208 dots(H)168dots(W)*168 dots(H)128dots(W)*128 dots(H)
Best viewing distance1.8M~20M2M~20M2.5M~20M3M~20M4M~20M
Best viewing angle160°(W) 120°(H)160°(W) 120°(H)160°(W) 120°(H)160°(W) 120°(H)160°(W) 120°(H)
Relative humidity10%-95%10%-95%10%-95%10%-95%10%-95%
Working voltageAC110~220V±10%AC110~220V±10%AC110~220V±10%AC110~220V±10%AC110~220V±10%
PowerAverage Power consumption<240W/㎡<240W/㎡<240W/㎡<240W/㎡<240W/㎡
 Max.Power consumption<600W/㎡<600W/㎡<600W/㎡<600W/㎡<600W/㎡
 Current<18mA(single LED)<18mA(single LED)<18mA(single LED)<18mA(single LED)<18mA(single LED)
CPUPentium4 or abovePentium4 or abovePentium4 or abovePentium4 or abovePentium4 or above
Control systemOperation systemWIN98/2000/NT/XP/WIN7WIN98/2000/NT/XP/WIN7WIN98/2000/NT/XP/WIN7WIN98/2000/NT/XP/WIN7WIN98/2000/NT/XP/WIN7
Control methodSynchronizationSynchronizationSynchronizationSynchronizationSynchronization
Driving deviceConstant drive ICConstant drive ICConstant drive ICConstant drive ICConstant drive IC
 Main technicalRefresh frequency>3840HZ>3840HZ>3840HZ>3840HZ>3840HZ
 Grey scale/colors16384gray level/16.7M colors16384gray level/16.7M colors16384gray level/16.7M colors16384gray level/16.7M colors16384gray level/16.7M colors
Power switchAutomatic switchAutomatic switchAutomatic switchAutomatic switchAutomatic switch
Display Mode&ge;800*600/1024*768&ge;800*600/1024*768&ge;800*600/1024*768&ge;800*600/1024*768&ge;800*600/1024*768



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