Small Pixel Pitch Transparent LED Display

Small Pixel Pitch Transparent LED Display

Small pixel pitch and high transparency Compared with Standard Cabinet LED Display, Energy-Saving can be up to 60%
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Small pixel pitch and high transparency


Bri-Curtain Flex

Bri-Curtain Flex

Compared with Standard Cabinet LED Display, Energy-Saving can be up to 60%


The product's natural cooling performance is capable of reaching the cooling requirements even in the case of high-brightness displaying, without any auxiliary cooling equipment, and the energy-saving rate can reach up to 60% or more, compared with the conventional cabinet-based LED display, saving your operating costs, and responding to the government’s calls in energy saving and emission reduction, low-carbon and environmental protection.

Flexible and applicable to various installation mode


On the basis of unique structure design, the installation mode of Bri-Curtain Flex is very diversified including hanging, stacking, bracket fixed pressing plate fixed installation.

Bri-Curtain Flex

Bri-Curtain Flex

High Standard Processing for Long-Term Outdoor Use


It is shown from the detecting data by the third-party testing institutes: the protection level can reach up to IP67, and the product is applicable to any rainy weather; its structural parts' surface is specially coated, with good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance; its electronic circuits adopt the Three-Prevention technology to further ensure its anti-dust, anti-moisture, and anti-corrosion performances, and the product features a strong weather resistance, and can be used in various harsh outdoor environments in long-term.

Simple structure and front & rear maintenance


With the characteristics of lightness in weight, thinness in design, simple structure and high stability, and front and rear maintenance, thus the Bri-Curtain Flex can suit for various installation environment.

Pixel Pitch
Pixel ConfigurationSMD 3535
Scanning Mode1/2
Refresh Rate
Max Power
Average Power
Ingress ProtectionIP65
Panel Size
Power Supply90VAC~264VAC 50/60Hz
Visual Angle120°/120°(H/V)
Other Parameters

color temperaure:6500(3200-9300K Tunable)

Processing depth:14 bit

Color quantities:4398 billions

Lifetime LED:100000h

Working temerature&humidity:-20℃ to +50℃;20% to 90%

Stored temperature&humidity:-40℃ to +60℃;10% to 95%

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