Outdoor Front Service LED billboards

Outdoor Front Service LED billboards

Outdoor Front Service LED billboards
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Outdoor Front Service LED billboards

Still trouble by plenty of jobs on installation and maintenance ? Hard trying to find a way to manage your LED sign with a comfortable method ?

Thanks to ERALED’s front access led sign solutions which will take you out of these issues. Featured by front realease method. Install or maintain a led sign will need less space and time. Meanwhile various pixel pitches and customized size design offers your more options.

With 320 x 320 mm front service led module solutions which can help us realizing front access led signs design, just need a simple cabinet structure, make our job easier. And cabinet size can be customized according to the ratio of the module freely.


How it works ?

Each front service module has two screws for fastening, and we just take out the two screws from the front side then we can take out the fault module. It will help you saving about 5 minutes on a malfunction module replacing. And the front service tool is simple, just need a wrench.

Advantages of Front Service LED Display
1.Replacing Malfunction Modules is easier & faster. which just need less than one minute to take out from the panel, realizing labor and maintenance cost saving.
2.While Traditional led display need to take maintenance room into consideration, however front service solution will help elimate your worry on these problems. ERALED’s front service led display make things more flexible on the cases of embedded wall installation, Column Installation of double side display & wall-mounted installation.
3.Thinner and lighter case with advantages over traditional fixed led cabinet.

Intelligent Integrated Control solution


ERALED's latest integrated front service led signs advertising solution will bring you a lot of benefit. You will be able to set up advertising information or program via an intelligent celphone with 3G or 4G Wifi signal. Because cabinet size can be customized freely according to the module size, so you can definite more cases of different size for your projects such as retail store, small shopping, Gas Station advertising.Also you can do the rental business.

Our latest integrated front service led signs advertising solution with light sensor, temperature sensor, PSD100 Asynchronous control card, which support Wireless and wire control ways. Our front service cabinet size can be customized freely, such as 1920 x 1280 mm, 1280 x 1280 mm, 960 x 960mm, 1280 x 960 mm. And you do not need to worry about the installation struture, we provide you soft solution which can enable you to hanging or fixing.



ERALED's front service led display is an Ideal solution for outdoor advertisement media, government & enterprise project culture & tourism, sports, propaganda image, commercial real estate. Compared with trodaitional outdoor fixed led display, it is the priority of wall mounted, suspension, wall embedded installation application.





Outdoor SMD Front Service Series -Parameters
     Model     P6.67     P8     P10
     Pixel Pitch     6.67 mm     8 mm     10 mm
     LED Type     SMD2727     SMD3535     SMD3535
     Configuration     1R1G1B     1R1G1B     1R1G1B
     Module Size     320*320 mm     320*320 mm     320*320 mm
     Pixel Density     22477 pixel/     15625 pixel/     10000 pixel/
     Refresh Rate     ≥ 1920Hz     ≥ 1920Hz     ≥ 1920Hz
     Gray Scale     16 Bit     16 Bit     16 Bit
     Brightness     ≥ 6500 cd/     ≥ 6500 cd/     ≥ 7000 cd/
     Scan Way     1/6     1/5     1/2
     Frame Rate     50HZ~60HZ     50HZ~60HZ     50HZ~60HZ
     Viewing Angle     H140°, V:140°     H140°, V:140°     H140°, V:140°
     Cabinet Resolution     144*144 Dots     120*120 Dots     96*96 Dots
     Material     Iron (Aluminum is Optional)     Iron (Aluminum is Optional)     Iron (Aluminum is Optional)
     Cabinet Size     960*960*145mm     960*960*145mm     960*960*145mm
     Cabinet Weight     50Kg     50Kg     50Kg
     IP Rating     Front IP65, Rear IP54     Front IP65, Rear IP54     Front IP65, Rear IP54
     Max.Power Consumption     790W/Panel     690W/Panel     840W/Panel
     Avg.Power Consumption     260W/Panel     230W/Panel     280W/Panel
     Control System     Nova/Linsn/Dbstar     Nova/Linsn/Dbstar     Nova/Linsn/Dbstar
     Operation System     Windows/me/200NT/XP     Windows/me/200NT/XP     Windows/me/200NT/XP
     Working-Temperature     '-20~60     '-20~60     '-20~60
     Working Humidity     10%~90% RH     10%~90% RH     10%~90% RH
     Input Voltage     AC 110~220 V (±5%     AC 110~220 V (±5%     AC 110~220 V (±5%
     Blind spot rate     ≤0.01%     ≤0.01%     ≤0.01%
     MTBF     35000 Hour     35000 Hour     35000 Hour
     Lifespan     100000 Hour     100000 Hour     100000 Hour
     Certification     CCC,CE,RosH,ETL     CCC,CE,RosH,ETL     CCC,CE,RosH,ETL

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