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Showcase LED Screen

Showcase LED Screen
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Indoor SMD Showcase LED Screen


Why Magnet Module solution ?


With magnet module solution we can have two ways to design our led display, one way is to design a cabinet just like regular led display,  which is mainly used for for magnet module fixing. Another way is design a simple structure for module fixing which will be more flexible and easier than design a cabinet. Thus can help us save a lot of cost on the projects. Also it is convenient for us to replacing or maintain.


Magnet Module Solution

Showcase led display is widely used in chain store, as flexible diaplay and advertising way, showcase led display can be designed for different style and different structure. We can used module instead of using cabinet. Now many clients would like P3 and P4 LED Module for artistic indoor projects. which can acheive a high definition viewing effect.

What is our advantages ?


In our solution we choose black leds and inferior smooth mask to acheive an higher contrast ratio. Strictly quality control for make sure the stabilty and consistency of the magnet module, every module must pass fault dots inspection, color uniformity correction. During the aging testing, we will do the calibration to improve the uniformity of whole led screen and brightness of each module. Various models are available which can be flexible options.


Application of Magnet module





Indoor SMD LED Screen -Parameters
     Model     NS-IR-DS-P2.5     NS-IR-DS-P3    NS-IR-DS-P4    NS-IR-DS-P5
     Pixel Pitch     2.5 mm     3 mm    4 mm    5 mm
     LED Type     SMD2020     SMD2121    SMD2121    SMD3528
     Configuration     1R1G1B     1R1G1B    1R1G1B    1R1G1B
     Module Size     160*160 mm     192*96 mm    128*128 mm    160*160 mm
     Pixel Density     160000 pixel/     111111 pixel/    62500 pixel/    40000 pixel/
     Refresh Rate     ≥ 1920Hz     ≥ 1920Hz    ≥ 1920Hz    ≥ 1920Hz
     Gray Scale     16 Bit     16 Bit    16 Bit    16 Bit
     Brightness     ≥ 1200 cd/     ≥ 1200 cd/    ≥ 1200 cd/    ≥ 1500 cd/
     Scan Way     1/32     1/16    1/16    1/16
     Frame Rate     50HZ~60HZ     50HZ~60HZ    50HZ~60HZ    50HZ~60HZ
     Viewing Angle     H:140°, V:140°     H:140°, V:140°    H:140°, V:140°    H:140°, V:140°
     Cabinet Resolution     256*256 Dots     256*192 Dots    160*160 Dots    192*160 Dots
     Material     Aluminum (Iron is Optional)     Aluminum (Iron is Optional)    Aluminum (Iron is Optional)    Aluminum (Iron is Optional)
     Cabinet Size     640*640*110mm     768*576*110mm    640*640*110mm    960*800*110mm
     Cabinet Weight     13Kg     18Kg    15Kg    25Kg
     IP Rating     IP31     IP31    IP31    IP31
     Max.Power Consumption     900W/Panel     590W/Panel    270W/Panel    290W/Panel
     Avg.Power Consumption     300W/Panel    195W/Panel    90W/Panel    95W/Panel
     Control System     Nova/Linsn/Dbstar    Nova/Linsn/Dbstar    Nova/Linsn/Dbstar    Nova/Linsn/Dbstar
     Operation System     Windows/me/200NT/XP    Windows/me/200NT/XP    Windows/me/200NT/XP    Windows/me/200NT/XP
     Working-Temperature     '-20~60    '-20~60    -20~60    -20~60
     Working Humidity     10%~90% RH    10%~90% RH    10%~90% RH    10%~90% RH
     Input Voltage     AC 110~220 V (±5%    AC 110~220 V (±5%    AC 110~220 V (±5%    AC 110~220 V (±5%
     Blind spot rate     ≤0.01%    ≤0.01%    ≤0.01%    ≤0.01%
     MTBF     35000 Hour    35000 Hour    35000 Hour    35000 Hour
     Lifespan     100000 Hour    100000 Hour    100000 Hour    100000 Hour
     Certification     CCC,CE,RosH,ETL    CCC,CE,RosH,ETL    CCC,CE,RosH,ETL    CCC,CE,RosH,ETL

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