Fantasy Rental LED Screen

Fantasy Rental LED Screen

Fantasy Rental LED Screen
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Fantasy series rental LED screen with unique modular and front maintenance structure design, concentrated on reducing maintenance trouble. Moreover, Aluminum Die-casting  technology help to achieve an high connection precision.Fantasy series with 8Kg/Panel and 500 x 500 x 80 mm only make it portable and easy to install, dismantle. Different models are available brings you a flexible option.



1. Ultra thin & light weight (only 8Kg/panel), portable handy

2. Die-casting aluminum cabinet design with high precision

3. Modular design, make it easy to maintain and replace

4. HD show without water ripple on program broadcasting

5. Easy to assemble & dismantle with fast locks on each cabinet

6. High gray level & good color uniformity with brand IC, led lamp

7. Energy saving without fans design, exclusive natural cooling effect


Easy to replace and maintain with Front Sevice Structure, realizing time and labor saving. Just need two small wrenches and few seconds we can take the module out from the cabinet easily and quickly. 




Design of Fantasy series rental LED screen are concentrated to pursue high definition and stability stage play effect brings us a visual feast.


1. High definition and contrast ratio

Compared with traditional white leds, pure black leds can obtain a better color uniformity and higher contrast ratio. Brand LED lamp with black body structure and black lamp mask provides 3000:1 contrast ratio, clearer and more bright-colored image.

2. The latest calibration Technology

Calibration during aging testing before packing and delivery to improve the color uniformity and brightness.



3. Low brightness with high gray scale, more delicate display performance 

Fantasy rental LED screen choose the updated control solution and high quality Driver IC to realize brightness and Gray scale adjustment automatically.The latest control solution support pixel-pixel brightness correction to boardcast realistic pictures.

Application of Fantasy Series


Fantasy series rental LED screen are widely used in stage events, TV station, Concerts, Expo Events, Presentation Hall, Shopping mall, Night Club and etc. 





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