Beetle Indoor Rental LED Screen

Beetle Indoor Rental LED Screen

Beetle Indoor Rental LED Screen
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Product Details

Beetle indoor rental LED screen is professional led display for indoor stage rental events, with seamless and user friendly design, high contrast ratio, high definition.

It delivery amazing images quality and terrific visual effect. Meanwhile small cabinet size and light weight which make rental events more easily and front structure design which help to save a lot of labor. Beetle Series(001).png

Features & Advantages


1. Die-casting aluminum structure with excellent cooling effect.

2. Easy to assemble and dismantle with humanize handle of artist design.

3. Seamless, uniform display without any borders or lines.

4. High contrast ratio and gray level help to achieve excellent performance effect.

5. High stability performance with good vibration resistance cabinet structure

6. Can be hoisting with bunch, location pole and vertically mounted with support frame.


Core technology and advantages of Beetle Series


Usually, an higher refresh rate (≥800Hz) is required for Live Show Events , and gray scale will need ≥10Bit. Also an higher contrast ratio will be helpful to acheive better quality pictures.


1. Improve contrast ratio


Beetle series choose good quality black leds which  can acheive an high contrast ratio and good uniformity


2.High quality Driver IC and control solution


How to elimate Ghost and Bright line phenomenon, Beetle series choose high quality Brand Driver IC with Anti-ghost function less your worry. Also in the solution ≥ 1920Hz refresh rate enable us to do Live Broadcasting, lifelike animated pictures and videos bring us an eye feast; Moreover, Beetle series with the latest control solution support pixel-pixel brightness correction and gray scale adjustment.


3. Calibration and white Balance Brightness testing



Application of Beetle Series


Beetle series rental led display is widely used in stage events, such as Night Club, Concerts, Entertainment center. Expo Events, such as cars exhibition center, new product lauching. Press conference or presentation. TV station and meeting room, Wedding events.





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3 StormTest.jpg

5 test4+5.jpg

6 test 6+7.jpg

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