UHD LED Display

UHD LED Display

UHD LED display is short for 'Ultra high definition LED display', which is also called 'narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display', 'Small Pixel Pitch LED Display', 'Fine Pitch LED Display', 'small pitch LED display', 'small pixel LED display'.
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UHD LED Display.jpg

Both the Module, power supply, receiving card, and cables between cabinets could all be maintained from the front.  Additionally, the specially-designed cabinet could be installed from front as well, which makes it more adaptive to the condition with limited space. Front Serviceable Module allows easy Maintenance, Time Saving & Space Saving.

ERALED Small pixel pitch LED Display has elevated the industry standard for image and video quality.

 Small pixel pitch LED Display provide new opportunities for content previously restricted to LCD video wall. 

The smaller and tighter pixel spacing create a more detailed and crisp appearance, making these products 

ideal if you want to add an element of luxury and high quality to your location. 

Small pixel pitch LED Display deliver true-to-source color reproductions and pristine image quality 

with smaller available physical space at a closer viewing distance.


Low Cost of Splicing With a perfect panel ratio of 16:9, ERALED Small pixel pitch LED Display could be easily spliced in consistent with frequently-used video proportion of 4:3 or 16:9, which could greatly reduce the splicing cost under the dual conditions of prescribed signal source and certain scene.

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UI LCD display

The rear box has LCD display that it shows voltage, temperature, cabinet usage timing for every time used and total hours of usage. Power and signal lamps indicates cabinet status.


No Data & Power cable

Everything is connected with pin type socket. Cable free design makes it fast for installation and stable in data/power transmission.

Support for gap minitrim

The low-cost connecting mechanism could eliminate dark or bright lines between panels effectively and cause no worry of assembly efficiency for the engineers any more.


Convenient for both hanging and Stacking installationSpecial structural design that helps you to install the screenon ground or hanging without any tools.

Fast assembling & disassemblingNo tools are required for installation of screen.



UHD LED display is short for 'Ultra high definition LED display', which is also called 'narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display', 'Small Pixel Pitch LED Display', 'Fine Pitch LED Display', 'small pitch LED display', 'small pixel LED display',

ERALED UHD LED display is ultra-high definition with small pixel pitch of 1.25mm, 1.5625mm, 1.667mm, 1.875mm, 1.923mm, 2mm & 2.5mm;

Golden radio of 16:9 makes 2K/4K/8K available easily;

Front maintenance, front installation: no maintenance space needed behind the screen;

Ultra-quiet, fan-less operation at the video wall as well as efficient cooling and improved maintenance access.

High contrast to ensure image fidelity and color brightness;

Safer and more reliable;

Super slim: 30% thinner than conventional aluminum cabinet

Super lightweight: 33% lighter than conventional aluminum cabinet, 75% lighter than iron cabinet.

Fast cooling: excellent heat dissipation performance to protect the module circuit

Anti-interference: Special anti-electromagnetic interference function

High-strength: tensile test to reach 300KG, more strength than conventional aluminum cabinet

Easy installation: Special fast lock, only need 20 second to complete the installation of one cabinet

Super High precision: seamless splicing after CNC processing, less than 0.01mm tolerance

High universality: Can be installed arbitrary hole machining, indoor and outdoor

Good corrosion resistance and the following benefits:

Good thermal and electrical conductivity

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UHD LED display application cases

Southland Park Gaming and Racing - West Memphis, ARRed Rock Casino - Las Vegas, NVTachi Palace - Lenmoore, CAWinStar Casino - Thackerville, OK

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