Circular LED Display

Circular LED Display

Soft LED display is also called flexible LED display, Bendable LED display, which is more flexible, lighter and thinner than traditional LED display with the advantage of creative freedom shape, easy and fast setup reducing installation time and cost. Available models including: P2.0mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm and P10mm Soft LED display. Most hot selling model is P2.5mm Soft LED display.
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Circular LED display which also called Circle LED display which is 360 degree Visible from any direction. Circular LED display can be made up by flexible soft module and normal flat modules. When the diameter is very small, then it’s better to use the soft module, when the diameter is very large, then can also use the normal flat module. Soft module is more expensive than the normal flat module.

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