See-through And Anti-glare Outdoor LED Billboards

See-through And Anti-glare Outdoor LED Billboards

LED Curtain LED Curtain is also called LED Strip, LED Mesh, LED Media Facade which is more flexible, lighter and thinner than conventional LED display with the advantage of creative freedom shape, easy and fast setup reducing installation time and cost. LED curtain display, also can call LED...
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Product Details

Born to be billboard

Born to be billboard.jpg

ERALED new DOOH advertising billboard is based upon its previous generations but with more than hundreds of details upgraded and redesigned that fundamentally helps to improves the way how you install and present. It has been brought to a new completion and a whole new level. Whatever you image a billboard to be, this time, ERALED billboard is even better.

Rear and front accessibility

Packed with an all-new rotating lock, it can be simultaneously rotated from rear and front, all components including module, cards, cables can all be effortlessly serviced either from rear and front and it can be completed by just a simple rotating.

See-through and anti-glare module

ERALED also features natural venting, plus with the see through module, which, itself could act as heatsink, ERALED could always stay cool and chill.

ERALED feature fanless and natural venting, producing noise less than 20db. With the see-through module, wind is able go through without resistance.

Advanced thermal management

Whisper-quiet operation, low wind resistance

Enhanced brightness and refreshrate

With a dazzling 8500nits of brightness, ERALED is more eye-catching and readable than ever in the strong light. Along with the chip supports 1920Hz of refresh rate and pixel-perfect calibration, ERALED delivers vibrant and true-to-life videos and images, every video and image appears the way it shot or designed.

Scalable size, hoistable display

As an all-new product designed specifically for DOOH advertising market, ERALED ramped up efforts to make the installation as easy as you could ever have expected. With a cabinet measured 1200mm wide by 1600mm height, ERALED is scalable to most of the market prevailing billboard sizes and is hoistable as a whole, it will tremendously aid installation in outdoor and save your cost.

Wide open yet light and solidly built architecture

Features with open architecture, every detail on ERALED was thought out and gone through again and again until what we have is the neatest appearance and solid-bilt architecture, built by aluminum, even though with so many details upgraded and packed with many amazing new features, ERALED weighs only 31kg per square meter.

Time-proven stability, high Ingress Protection

As one of ERALED’s most durable stable outdoor products, it’s has a time-proven quality. With a designed Ingress Protection level up to IP66, ERALED ERALED is an all-round weatherproof product.


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