HD P6mm SMD Outdoor LED Billboards

HD P6mm SMD Outdoor LED Billboards

Model:ERALED-P6-SMD-768X768 HD LED Display Panel CE,Rohs UL,FCC,ISO certified; 5 Years Warranty; P6mm SMD Outdoor LED billboards 768mmx768mm 128x128 dots HD LED Display
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HD P6mm SMD Outdoor LED billboards


P6mm SMD Outdoor LED billboards 768mmx768mm 128x128 dots hd led display Work with ERALED Control System

Ph6mm SMD Outdoor LED billboards Specifications:

1) LED Package: SMD LED

2) Pixel Pitch: 6mm

3) Pixel Configuration: SMD3535 

4) Density: 27778 pixels/㎡

5) Module Size: 192*192mm

6) Cabinet Size: 768*768mm

7) Cabinet Material: Steel; Aluminum

8) Cabinet Weight: ≈55KG; 41KG

9) Brightness: ≥8000cd/㎡

10) View Angle: 95°(Horizontal); 95°(Vertical)

11) Driving Mode: Constant current, 1/5 duty

12) Refresh Frequency: ≥1800Hz

13) Max. Power Consumption: 900 W/㎡

14) Working Temperature: -20°C~+60°C

15) Life Time: more than 100,000 hours

SMD outdoor led display Advantage:

1) SMD3535 Technology with the best uniformity and high brightness of 7000 nits.

2) Separate driving board ensures good heat dissipation.

3) New developed mold for the plastic covers, hence, smaller module gaps and better screen flatness and totally waterproof of IP65 protection.

4) Reasonable PCB design makes the module reliable and steady to save the consumption and engergy power.

5) LED chip is sorted within 2.5nm wave length and 10% color difference. Narrow wave length range and small color differencemake perfect color uniformity and brightness conformity.

6) Exact control technology of brightness ratio of red, green and blue basic colors with ts802 sending card makes perfect white balance performance.

7) Famous constant current IC from Taiwan or America, ensuring the consistency and stability of the whole screen.

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