Rtd Controller for Twisted Pair System

- Jan 11, 2018-

  • Model NO.: 1201L-1K

  • Display Type: LED

  • Control Type: Digital

  • Material: Aluminium Alloy

  • Brand: Nico

  • Usage: Air Conditioner, Refrigerator

  • Type: Temperature Sensor

1201L 1K RTD Controller is popular for temperature measurement. The 1201L-1K RTD Controller provides single RTD input channel for different types of RTD signal as cost-effective solution in industrial & building automation. Occasionally, broken external wiring will lead to inaccurate current value. The 1201L-1K provides a broken wiring detection function so users can easily troubleshoot broken wiring problems.
Model:1201L-1K RTD Controller
CPU: Echelon Neuron 3120, 10MHz
Memory: 4 Kbytes EPROM, 2Kbytes RAM, 12Kbytes ROM
LonWorks Transceiver:FTT-10A/FT-X1
Power supply: 12~24VDC (12VDC is recommend)
Power consumption: 500mA (Per channel maximum)38mA(Standby)
Connection: Plug-screw clamp 2.5mm
Temperature: Operation   0~+70
           Storage     25~+85
Sensor Type: Pt 1000 resistance measuring
Sensor Connection: 3-wire connection (factory preset) or 2-wire
Sensor Temperature range: -220oC+239oC(Pt)
Resolution: 0.04oC
Measuring error: ±1.5oC of full scale value
Conversion time: 500ms (per channel)
Admitted relative humidity: 5~93%, non condensing
Dimensions: 90 x 71 x 57.7 mm,DIN 43880, incl. clamps
Mounting: DIN rail(EN 50022, 35 x 15)
Display & Operation: Service-pin and Reset LED indicator and button
I/O Channels: 1 RTD (resistive temperature device) input for Pt1000
The RTD (resistive temperature device) input module
Allow direct connection for resistance measurement 2 or 3wire
The module linearizes the the entire temperature range automatically
Resistance Measuring: Pt1000
Sensor Temperature range: -200oC+239oC(PT)
Resolution(over whole range):0.04oC
Conversion time: 500ms (per channel)
Measuring error ±1.5oC of full scale value
Operating temperature: 0oC~+70oC(Controller),