Network cluster LED Display Solution

- Sep 11, 2017-

In recent years, LED display has been widely used in outdoor advertisements for its high brightness, rich media types, strong visual impulse , etc. With more and more LED displays are put into use, how to implement centralized management of all LED displays spreading over different areas and cities, and how to reasonably control the play contents and transfer them to LED display quickly, accurately and conveniently have been the heated discussion. ·Top-level display effect, perfect screen

·Hard decoding of HD video, stable and smooth video playback

·User classification and permission management, reasonable program management process

·More windows can be set freely, support various media sources

·Embedded design; stable , reliable and secure system

·B/S system architecture to support large scale cluster management of LED display

·Flexible network access , support 3G, WiFi, etc

·Support remote terminal control , management and maintenance