How to repair and strengthen the outdoor LED display

- Jul 28, 2018-

As an excellent LED display construction personnel, it is not enough to install only the LED display. The main support structure of the outdoor LED display is usually made of steel materials. In the open air environment, it is subject to temperature, humidity, The influence of harmful substances and other factors is easily oxidized and cause rust. Severe rust can greatly reduce the ability of steel members to resist loads. Therefore, familiarity with some methods of repair and reinforcement is also one of the construction workers' homework. How to repair and reinforce the outdoor LED display?

Here are some ways to repair and reinforce outdoor LED displays:

1. Basic expansion method: By setting the concrete envelope or reinforced concrete enclosure, the area of the foundation of the bottom of the outdoor LED display screen is increased, and the uneven settlement of the foundation due to the small base area of the billboard and the insufficient bearing capacity is changed.

2. Pit-type underpinning method: concrete is poured directly after digging a pit under the basis of being replaced.

3. Pile-type underpinning method: a method of foundation reinforcement is provided by placing static pressure columns, driving piles, pouring piles and the like on the lower or both sides of the billboard foundation.

4. Grouting and underpinning method: the chemical slurry is evenly injected into the foundation, and the loose soil or crack is cemented and solidified by the slurry to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation and the waterproof and impermeability of the LED display.