High-end LED Display Solution

- Sep 11, 2017-

Advanced High-end LED Display Solution



1. 4K resolution

·Capable of receiving up to 3840 x 2160 resolution at 60Hz frame rate

·Maximum inputs 8192 pixels in width or height

·HDMI 2.0 , DVI x 4 / 3G-SDI x 4, GENLOCK, 3G-SDI x 2

·16 Gigabit Ethernet Neutrik connectors, with up to 16384 pixels capability in width

2. High Dynamic Range

·Capable of up to 12bits depth color input with self-adaptive frame rate from 60Hz to 120Hz

·Capable of up to 18bits depth color output provides great gray scale performance

·Stable image effects and spectacular colors

3. Low latency

·Perfectly smooth video with extremely low delay frame transmission

·Keeping the LED video in-step with live

4. Video processing

·Broadcast level quality scaling

·Picture in Picture, free play window placement

·Support multiple layers overlapped

5. Calibration system

·Brightness and color calibration at pixel level

·Support calibrate for whole screen or single tile

·Rapidly remove dim / bright lines caused by gap between module or tile

6. User-friendly

·Built-in OS, both Windows and Mac supported

·Cascading via 2 Ethernet ports, and can be controlled remotely

·Intuitive software

7. Certifications

·Able to pass EMC Class B standard

·3C, CE, UL, FCC available