High Definition LED Display Solution

- Sep 11, 2017-

High resolution LED display is a new application field that has the most potential and great prospects in industry. This kind of displays are widely used in ITS, controller, security and protection monitoring. As the industry leader in LED display control system, ERALED originated a control solution especially for the high resolution display. ·Superior display quality: high refresh rate, high gray scale and high brightness

·Perfect detail processing. Eliminate partial dark at first scan, shadow, etc.

·Better low gray level effect

·14bit calibration in brightness and chromaticity

·Eliminate splicing gap

·Various Large load capacity solutions for HD LED screen

·Cascading between sender cards for a large screen

·Super HD sender with control panel for quick setting of screen

·Support intelligent terminal wireless control, like iPad, iPhone, android

·Support dual-receiver backup, dual-mode backup, etc.