Fixed And Rental LED Display Solution

- Sep 11, 2017-

Fixed And Rental LED Display Solution


1. All-in-one 

·Support a range of standard input formats such as DVI, HDMI, VGA, 3G-SDI;

·Available with scaling, splicing, picture in picture functions;

·Capable of up to 4096 pixels in height or width, with 4 gigabit Ethernet outputs or two 2G fiber outputs;

2. 32 groups RGB output, More powerful than before

·Capable of outputting 32 groups RGB signal, enhance LED screen performance at least 33%;

·Significantly improves refresh rate and gray scale performance;

3. Pixel level calibration system

·Brightness and color calibration at pixel level;

·Support whole screen or single tile calibration;

4. Intuitive software

·LEDVISION and iSet software satisfies different application needs;

·Dual USB connector design for cascading;

5. Compatibility

·Support variable frame rate of video source and self-adaptive;

·Support a range of industry common IC drivers;

6. Certifications

·Outstanding EMC;

·3C, CE, UL certificates available;