3D LED Display Solution

- Sep 11, 2017-

3D LED Display Solution   

3D 发送器-英文.jpg


ERALED 3D LED display solution, has adopted the most suitable shutter 3D technology for LED display, and together with active imaging mode, then you can enjoy the best 3D display without the complexity of the surrounding peripheral equipment. It supports high resolution display, and with relatively large resources, more manufacturers spend much effort on promotion, which is the mainstream technique that generally adopted by the international leading brands so far. Meanwhile, ERALED’s 3D display solution has followed ZigBee 3D Synchronization standard, with more flexible and efficient connection, in which offering our customers a brilliant 3D viewing experience.


·Active 3D Technology, Brilliant Display Effect;

·Support 1080P HD Display;

·Simple Equipment, Easy for Configuration;

·ZigBee standard;

·One key switch from 3D to 2D;

·Compatible with any LED display;

·International factories supported, with more abundant materials;