P3.91mm Indoor UHD Rental LED Display

P3.91mm UHD Small Pixel Pitch Indoor Rental LED Display ERALED Front and back dual side maintenance Cable free multi-functional use Indoor Rental LED display with newest die-casting aluminum cabinet is the industry leading rental LED display product with the advantage of: Front and back dual...
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P3.91mm UHD Small Pixel Pitch Indoor Rental LED Display

Pixel Pitch(Unit:mm)


Pixel configuration/LED lamp's encapsulation type


Scanning method


Pixel density(Unit:pixels/㎡)


Module Total Resolution(L×H)(unit: pixel)


Module Total Dimension(L×H)(unit: mm)


Module Total Dimension(Unit:㎡)


Cabinet Total Dimension(L×H)(unit: mm)


Cabinet Total Dimension(Unit:㎡)


Cabinet Total Resolution(L×H)(unit: pixel)


Color Processing Level(unit:bit)


Fresh frequency(hz)




Module Weight(unit:KG/module)


Module Maximum Power Consumption(unit:W/module)


Module Maximum Current(unit:A/module)


Cabinet Weight(unit:KG/Cabinet )




ERALED Front and back dual side maintenance Cable free multi-functional use Indoor Rental LED display with newest die-casting aluminum cabinet is the industry leading rental LED display product with the advantage of:

Front and back dual side maintenance cabinet: Convenient to assemble and disassemble/ No need maintenance channel

Seamless and high precision, perfect flatness

Excellent heat dissipation

Fan less Quiet operation

High refresh, High contrast and High grayscale

Ultra-wide viewing angle

Multi-functional use cabinet design with compatible all the indoor and outdoor mainstream rental models including indoor rental P2.84,P2.98,P3.91,P4.81,P5.95,P6.25mm and outdoor rental P3.91mm, P4.81mm.


Sleek & Slim design

The cabinet is slim and rear design is smooth edged surface that makes you handle safely.


Innovative handle

Handle is innovative, grip and wide for easy handling.

UI LCD display

The rear box has LCD display that it shows voltage, temperature, cabinet usage timing for every time used and total hours of usage. Power and signal lamps indicates cabinet status.


Dual data connection

There is optional data connecting port on cabinets

under rear box, you can use it if standard one fails.

No Data & Power cable

Everything is connected with pin type socket. Cable free design makes it fast for installation and stable in data/power transmission.


Dual fixing module

The modules are fixed by magnet and by screw for fast assembling, and no tools required for installation.

Front & Rear Maintenance

It makes you remove the modules without

any tools and maintain the screen in front side as well as rear side easily.


Convenient for both

hanging and Stacking installationSpecial structural design that helps you to install the screenon ground or hanging without any tools.

Fast assembling & disassembling

No tools are required for installation of screen.

Super light: 40% lighter than conventional aluminum cabinet

Super slim: high-strength, more slim than conventional aluminum cabinet in the design, thinner around 30%;

Fast cooling: excellent heat dissipation performance to protect the module circuit

Anti-interference: Special anti-electromagnetic interference function

High-strength: tensile test to reach 300KG, more strength than conventional aluminum cabinet

Easy installation: Special fast lock, only need 20 second to complete the installation of one cabinet

High precision: seamless splicing after CNC processing, high precision die-casting cabinet achieves high flatness and seamless matching of the whole display.

High universality: Can be installed arbitrary hole machining, indoor and outdoor

Easy maintenance: front accessible maintenance available; Support for both front and rear maintenance.

High cost-effective: complete production and supply chain

Innovative handle: Handle is innovative, grip and wide for easy handling.

Short ROI: Super Light and slim which means Easy handle, transport and low cost of assemble and disassemble, which maximum your revenue with the lowest cost and shorten your ROI time

Uniform color and high contrast ensure clear and sharp picture.

Fan-less design with good dissipation guarantees noise-free effect.

High stability and reliability prolong the lifespan of LED display.

Energy saving:

50% energy saving with very low power consumption, low electricity fee, low heat generation, much longer lifetime, long lifetime high brightness and low failure pixels;

Wide application and short ROI:

High resolution, high brightness, energy saving advantages make it fit for various wide application, like: outdoor and indoor advertising, rental and events, staging and decoration, mobile truck vehicle advertising, poster advertising, government and commercial advertising; Sports Stadium live broadcasting and perimeter banner advertising for Football Stadium, Basketball Stadium, Baseball and Softball Stadium, Hockey Stadium, Aquatics and Natatorium Stadium; digital scoreboards, billboards and video displays, Message Displays, Audio Systems,etc.

High Contrast, High Frequency and high Color Capacity:

5000: 1 Contrast Ratioa very high level to ensure a vivid image of our LED displays system. 3840HZ High Frequencya very high level to ensure a non-flicking video rebroadcasting. 16 bit, 281 trillion color Capacity-a very high gray grade to create a vivid live video effect.

First-class LED chip:

Supplied by Next-generation Nichia LED from Japan, CREE LED from USA, Nationstar LED from China best LED Stock Listed Company to ensure high brightness, uniform colors and the long lifetime our LED display system.

Sun-Cutting Long-term high Calibrated Brightness and Brightness:

6000 nits brightness capacity throughout product lifetime of the LED display, creating the only true daylight viewable solution,ensuring Clear vivid image quality even in direct, full-on sunlight to ensure you attracts more audience to get short ROI of your LED display's investment.

Easy Installation, operation and servicing:

Easy and simple installation interface and user friendly software to ensure the user friendly interface of the LED display system.

Convenient maintenance:

Front and rear cabinet access make the maintain work very convenient and low cost to help you concentrate more time and energy on your main marketing promotion business.

24/7/365 Display Health:

Optional display monitoring increases display uptime and offers an immediate response should an error occur.

ERALED display is a fast growing energy saving, high tech green products which taking place of the old traditional products rapidly nowadays. You can ignore the existence of the LED display. However, the LED display will never ignore you! The LED display is appearing in every corner of the world and touching with us every second. We are living and touching with the LED display every second even we don't know it is called "LED display".

LED Display is modernizing our life, our town, our city. It's so fashion that if an important events were held without the LED display. It is called "out", "failed", etc.

Every downtown, street, shop, school, church, window was also installed the giant LED display now!

LED display is the basic necessary equipment for every country's Central Television station. Even every small town's TV station has a huge LED display now!

LED display is also the basic necessary equipment for every important sports stadium. No matter NBA, or football World Cup LED display is always the necessary equipment. Even for some sports which you may never care also equipped with the LED display, for example: Badminton, Tennis, Soccer,Volleyball,Goalball,Softball,Speedball,Handball,Rugby,Aikido,Skiing,Wrestling,Archery,Beagling,Swimming,Cue sports,Dancing,Fencing,Fishing,Golf,Grappling,Gymnastics,Hockey,Hurling,Judo,Racing,Tennis,Trampolining, etc.

Even the more and more taxi tops were equipped with the LED display now!

However, what is LED display in end?

A LED display is a video display which uses light-emitting diodes. An LED panel is a small display, or a component of a larger display or Display. They are typically used outdoors in store signs and billboards, and in recent years have also become commonly used in destination signs on public transport vehicles. LED panels are sometimes used as form of lighting, for the purpose of general illumination, task lighting, or even stage lighting rather than display.

Types of LED display

There are two types of LED panels: conventional (using discrete LEDs) and surface-mounted device (SMD) panels. Most outdoor Displays and some indoor Displays are built around discrete LEDs, also known as individually mounted LEDs. A cluster of red, green, and blue diodes is driven together to form a full-color pixel, usually square in shape. These pixels are spaced evenly apart and are measured from center to center for absolute pixel resolution. The largest LED Display in the world is over 1,500 foot (457.2 m) long and is located in Las Vegas, Nevada covering the Fremont Street Experience. The largest LED television in the world, the Center Hung Video Display at Cowboys Stadium, is 160 by 72 feet (49 by 22 m), 11,520-square-foot (1,070 m2).

Most indoor Displays on the market are built using SMD technology—a trend that is now extending to the outdoor market. An SMD pixel consists of red, green, and blue diodes mounted on a chipset, which is then mounted on the driver PC board. The individual diodes are smaller than a pinhead and are set very close together. The difference is that the maximum viewing distance is reduced by 25% from the discrete diode Display with the same resolution.

Indoor use generally requires a Display that is based on SMD technology and has a minimum brightness of 600 candelas per square meter (cd/m², sometimes informally called nits). This will usually be more than sufficient for corporate and retail applications, but under high ambient-brightness conditions, higher brightness may be required for visibility. Fashion and auto shows are two examples of high-brightness stage lighting that may require higher LED brightness. Conversely, when a Display may appear in a shot on a television studio set, the requirement will often be for lower brightness levels with lower color temperatures (common displays have a white point of 6500 to 9000 K, which is much bluer than the common lighting on a television production set).

For outdoor use, at least 2,000 cd/m² is required for most situations, whereas higher-brightness types of up to 5,000 cd/m² cope even better with direct sunlight on the Display. (The brightness of LED panels can be reduced from the designed maximum, if required.)

Suitable locations for large display panels are identified by factors such as line of sight, local authority planning requirements (if the installation is to become semi-permanent), vehicular access (trucks carrying the Display, truck-mounted Displays, or cranes), cable runs for power and video (accounting for both distance and health and safety requirements), power, suitability of the ground for the location of the Display (if there are no pipes, shallow drains, caves, or tunnels that may not be able to support heavy loads), and overhead obstructions.

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