Indoor LED Glass Wall

Indoor LED Glass Wall

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Indoor LED Glass Wall

Indoor Transparent LED Glass Wall


1. High Transparency: the transparency can reach 80% or more and brightness can reach 5000nits or more, which can assure that the transparent screen wouldnt block out any daylight while you can see the contents displaying on the screen clearly even under sunshine.

2.Remarkable Visual Performance(Outstanding Image Quality: Selecting ultra high refresh rate IC and high quality Led Chip, high-contrast, huge viewing angle, wide color gamut, anti-glowing, replay the remarkable visual performance

3. Customized: the size is not fixed, and you can customized according to your project requirement

4. Easy to do the maintenance (back and front maintenance), only need to change the led strip.

5. Energy saving&environmental protection

Indoor Glass Wall  LED display


ModelLED TypeBrightnessHollow ratePixel densityPixel confirgurationCabinet SizeCabinet ResolutionCabinet WeightScanning methodAverage powerMAX powerFresh rate(HZ)
p5.21 side emittingCustomized high brightness Anti Ultraviolet LED lamps500065%368641RGB1000*500192*966.2kg1/63408501920
P6.25 side emittingCustomized high brightness Anti Ultraviolet LED lamps500070%256001RGB1000*500160*806.2kg1/62807001920
P8.9 side emittingCustomized high brightness Anti Ultraviolet LED lamps420079%125441RGB1000*500112*566.2kg1/42125301920
P10.42 side emittingCustomized high brightness Anti Ultraviolet LED lamps420080%92161RGB1000*100096*9610.35kg1/34009001920
P12.5 side emittingCustomized high brightness Anti Ultraviolet LED lamps430086%64001RGB1000*100080*809.6kg1/32205501920
P15.6 side emittingCustomized high brightness Anti Ultraviolet LED lamps630088%40961RGB1000*100064*649.6kg1/162605601920

Indoor Glass Wall  LED screen


Indoor Transparent Glass Wall  LED screen


Indoor Transparent Glass Wall  LED display

Aging test photos

IP65 3.91 7.82 (4).jpg

Indoor LED Transparent Glass Wall 

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