Creative LED Glass Wall

Creative LED Glass Wall

Creative LED Glass Wall
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Creative LED Glass Wall

round led display


  Creative LED Glass Wall Series


Custom LED display; custom LED screen;
Special shape display; Custom shape desgin;
High transparency; Easy maintenance;
High brightness.





Customized Shape


The ATN series display size can be customized according to 

customer's requirements and this product also can be made 

into various shapes. 

Such as cylinder, cuboids, barrel shape etc.   

  round led screen


 glass wall display




High Transparency


ATN series is based on ERALED side-lighting technology,

its 70% high transparency,

and some types can reach 80%.







Easy Maintenance


ATN series support front maintenance.
Individual strip design with hot plug.





                transparent led screen, glass wall display

 transparent led display irregular project

Pixel PitchH-5mm ; V-7mmH-6mm ; V-8mm8mm10mm12mm16mm
Pixel Density28571 dots/㎡20834 dots/㎡15625 dots/㎡10000 dots/㎡6944 dots/㎡3906 dots/㎡
LED ConfigurationSMD4312 (1R1G1B)SMD4312 (1R1G1B)SMD4312 (1R1G1B)SMD4312 (1R1G1B)SMD4312 (1R1G1B)SMD4312 (1R1G1B)
Strip Length640mm+320mm384mm+384mm+384mm512mm+512mm480mm+480mm


Standard Cabinet Size
customized shapecustomized shapecustomized shapecustomized shape

customized shape

customized shape
Cabinet MaterialAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminumAluminum
Refresh Rate≧1500Hz≧1500Hz≧1500Hz≧1500Hz≧1500Hz≧1500Hz
Max. Power Consumption800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡
Ave. Power Consumption300W/㎡300W/㎡300W/㎡300W/㎡300W/㎡300W/㎡
Horizontal Viewing Angle160°160°160°160°160°160°
Vertical Viewing Angle160°160°160°160°160°160°
Operating VoltageDC 5V
Operating Temperature/
Operating Humidity
-10~40℃ /10%-90%
Input VoltageAC 100V~240V

customized transparent LED screen   glass LED display

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