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ERALED Flexible LED display is also called bendable LED display, soft LED display, which is more flexible, lighter and thinner than traditional LED display with the advantage of creative freedom shape, easy and fast setup reducing installation time and cost. Available models including: P2.0mm, P2.5mm, P3mm, P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P6.67mm, P8mm and P10mm Flexible LED display. Most hot selling model is P2.5mm Flexible LED display.
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Product Details

Flexible LED display module design, workable for any curved effect.


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No cabinets, only modules, easy to install and disassemble, saving time and labor cost

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The module with nagnetic, fixed on all kinds of metal structure

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Magnetic module connection, hugely reduce the display weight


Why do we need Flexible led display (or Curved led display) ?


Artistic needs and decoration


Nowadays many architects want to make their buildings look more attractive and unique, so they prefer to use flexible led display (Curved led display) rather than flat screens to better fit into their building architecture. ERALED has developed a revolutionary "FLEXIBLE" module that can easily fit into any wall shape, while preserving all the properties of a normal Led screen.


Flexible Module


Consisting of our rubber led modules with magnetic anchor dots so you can stick them to any metallic surface and make any shape you like. You can create amazing patterns and designs, curved, round, free shape. Available in 3.mm,4mm. 5mm pitch,  It is ideal for use on rental in concerts, TV studios, stage background, decoration and exhibitions.


Features of flexible led display:


1. Our flexible display is made of high quality smd leds integrated into a special rubber module, showing a nice and clear image, just like a regular video screen
2. With a refresh rate of more than 1200Hz, the image is flicker-free, suitable for professional applications.
3. Lightweight and small in volume: 20 sqm of soft flexible LED display can be packed in one flight case, which saves money on shipping charges.
4. Fast, easy and not costly installation:  20 sqm  takes just need half an hour, which is time and labor saving.
5. The display curtain is made of special rubber that can be coated to become rainproof, applicable indoor and out.
6. It is flexible, making it suitable to all kind of irregular shapes, such as circles, columns, ellipses, triangles etc.

7. Very long life (over 10 years), maintenance negligible and easy.


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