Arc Shape Die-casting Aluminum Cabinet 500x500mm

Arc Shape Die-casting Aluminum Cabinet 500x500mm

Outdoor waterproof rating reached IP65 Die-Casting Aluminum Cabinet , Ultra light weight , Portable, Quick Set-Up. Heat Dissipation Structure, high-performance Heat Dissipation, Fanless, Fully Slicent Operation. High Refresh Rate, High Contrast, High Grey Scale, Bright Color. Ultra Wide Angle of View , Large Viewing Areas. Special Locks for Set up
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Outdoor 500x500mm die-cating cabinet LED display specifications:


Indoor 500x500mm die-cating cabinet LED display specifications:

indoor rental.png

1 features.jpg

2 wide viewing angle.jpg

3 StormTest.jpg

5 test4+5.jpg

4 test2+3.jpg

6 test 6+7.jpg

Curved connection structure
Suitable for curved connection strucure, achieving  flat and inside and outside curved structure connection by used curved 
conection buckle. Simple and convenience, so that it can be used for more rental location, and bringing more benefit for customers. 
Suitable for stage,exhibition and other locations which need curved led display. 
Realized -10° -5° 0° 5° 10,suggest that use p3.91 or above led dispaly to curved


Hanging single independent install and dismantle cabinet
A single can install and dismantle cabinet by special hanging buckle.Easy installation and dismantle at same time saving labor cost
front and rear maintenance design for module and control box 
front and rear maintenance design for module and control box,fully meet different request at the scene
achieving front maintenance for module
Independent modular design
Product's modules, cabinet, control box with independent modular design, good for mass production,reduce after-service cost,
the rapid solution to any problem at the scene


Customized connector design
To ensure the stability of large current security transmission and signal transmission,completely different from traditional row needle row female connectors


Excellent extrusion type waterproof design
Control box and module adopts special seal extrusion type waterproof design, the waterproof effect is more realiable


Anti bump cabinet design
Anti bump Angle design can protect the tube at the bottom of the module, masks damaged by outside influence which affect the whole display effect, at the same time can make the stand firm

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