Outdoor Transparent Curtain LED Display

Outdoor Transparent Curtain LED Display

Fit for both rental and fixed installation application which achieve the most multi-function application with one screen with the advantages of 1.Ultra-light: 3.5KG/Cabinet, 14KG/㎡ which is the world's most light weight LED display Ultra-light will help you protect the screen better during the installation and transportation 2. Ultra slim and thin: 5.5cm thickness which is the world's thinnest LED display Ultra slim will help you reduce 50% transportation cost 3. 50% saving of the flight case packing. Flight case dimension is just 550x800x650mm after loading 12 pcs cabinet which save 50% packing volume comparing to the conventional cabinet. 4. Independent suspension mounting structure No need any installation tools when installation Patented, magnetically fast mountable architecture
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Product Details

A multi-function LED wall screen both can use indoor and outdoor.

Adjustable single-pixel hollowing module for creative design and applications.

Made by the new material carbon fiber with characteristics ultra-light and ultra-thin.

Single-person can complete the entire screen installation, and can replace any cabinet of the whole screen.

Carbon fiber cabinet has high strength, high temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue, creep resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and many other excellent performance.

Save time:build quickly, fast maintain, easy to loading or unloading; save money: operating costs is 20% lower than diecast aluminum cabinet,both truss and transportation costs are low.

Pixel pitch(mm)8.9
Pixel configurationSMD2525
Module size(mm)500×250
Cabinet size(W*H*D mm)500×1000×60(500×500×60)
Pixel Density(Pixels/㎡)12,544
Cabinet MaterialCarbon Fiber
Cabinet weight(kg)≈7.5(4.5)kg
Input Power Frequency(Hz)≥1920
Input voltage(Nominal)(V)220V(110/110-220)

Excellent Design

High contrast, high refresh rate, high strength, ultra-thin design

1. Connection detail between hanging bracket and cabinets.

2. Connection detail between cabinets (Upper & Lower). 

3. Mounting Bracket. 

4. Connection detail between cabinets (Left & Right).

2 wide viewing angle.jpg



Application Cases

Everyday these amazing things happens all over the world


3 StormTest.jpg

5 test4+5.jpg

4 test2+3.jpg

6 test 6+7.jpg

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