Flexible Curtain Style Arc LED Display

Flexible Curtain Style Arc LED Display

Fit for both rental and fixed installation application which achieve the most multi-function application with one screen with the advantages of 1.Ultra-light: 3.5KG/Cabinet, 14KG/㎡ which is the world's most light weight LED display Ultra-light will help you protect the screen better during the installation and transportation 2. Ultra slim and thin: 5.5cm thickness which is the world's thinnest LED display Ultra slim will help you reduce 50% transportation cost 3. 50% saving of the flight case packing. Flight case dimension is just 550x800x650mm after loading 12 pcs cabinet which save 50% packing volume comparing to the conventional cabinet. 4. Independent suspension mounting structure No need any installation tools when installation Patented, magnetically fast mountable architecture
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Product Details

Pixel pitch: 9.3mm


Unique creative module, all-weather brightness adjustment

40% Permeability

9.375 mm dot pitch, high-end labeling, brightness up to 1200cd / ㎡ , 40% permeability.

Thin and light structural design

Bamboo screen using PC material production, light and strong strength design, bamboo screen break through the thin structural design.

Flexible application

Bamboo slender body can be self-assembly, demolition of simple operation is not time-consuming.

Creative portfolio
As bamboo is a thin structural design, can make it creative combination and create a variety of curve with the LED screen.

Product typeFL9
Pixel pitch(mm)9.3
Pixel configurationSMD3528
Module size(mm)300×75
Pixel Density(Pixels/㎡)1138
Cabinet MaterialPC
Cabinet weight(kg)≈0.25kg
Display Refresh Rate(Hz)≥1920
Operation PowerAC220,50/60HZ

Cabinet Assembly

High-density LED display

9.375mm pixel pitch, 40% of the permeability

Light weight and high-strength design, bamboo slides to achieve ultra-thin

Flexible assembly, quick disassembly installation

Can be combined into a variety of unique creative open module

Can be quickly expanded when the large area LED screen to use

Widely used in performing arts, exhibitions, celebrations and other applications

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