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ERALED Poster is designed is sleek, lightweight, and convenient. Ideal for a multitude of installations, you can use the LED Poster for window advertising as well as for in store announcements, trade show and event promotions, and drive-through specials. ERALED Poster is a surefire and professional way to get your product, services, or brand noticed day and night.
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The Poster LED display is a revolutionary retail product that will display HD pictures or video to potential retail customers. With a total thickness of 35mm(1.4in)and a weight of only 38kg(88lbs), these units can easily be moved and set up anywhere.

The slim aluminum finish of the Poster series really changes how traditional retail environments display their products. The days of static posters or dressed up mannequins are in the past. The Poster LED display can now display multiple pictures containing a host of products or advertisements.

 ValueLED Poster P1.8LED Poster P2.5
Pixel Pitch (mm)1.82.571
Brightness ( nits )10001200
Pixel ConfigurationSMDSMD
Colors281 trillion281 trillion
Refresh Rate ( Hz )≥3000
Pixel Matrix Per Panel320 x 1080224 x 756
Pixel Matrix Per Sq.m
Viewing Angle (H/V)140 / 140140 / 140
Power Consumption (Max / Avg)800 / 280 w/sq.m600 /210 w/sq.m
IP RateIP40 / IP20IP40 / IP20
Input Voltage (AC)110 / 240110/ 240
Panel Size ( L x W x H )576 x 1944 x 35576 x 1944 x 35
Panel Weight (Kgs)38 ( Alu.) 38 ( Alu.)

Super slim and lightweight design

Slim and elegant design, with thickness 35mm,weight only 38kg, easy to set up and install anywhere you like.

LED Poster factory.jpg

Plug and play

User friendly interface, easy to edit and send content to the display.

Frame color

Default black,can customize the following seven kinds of color.

Front serviceable

Only takes 5 seconds to replace a module for maintenance, saving the precious time

Synchronous and asynchronous control system

A. One machine control mode.

Synchronous and asynchronous control system

B. Multi-motor synchronous control mode

In synchronous mode, you can connect the screens by the HDMI cable, by connecting six units of screens you can display a complete picture.

Smart  management

Easily upload content via WIFI, USB or HDMI, and manage hundreds of displays with one device from anywhere.


Packaging Process

 Wooden Box   1 units: 2120mm (L) x 350mm (W) x 820mm (H)   2 units: 2125mm (L) x 520mm (W) x 840mm (H)Flight Case2 units: 2095mm (L) x 440mm (W) x 872mm (H)3 units: 2104mm (L) x 687mm (W) x 886mm (H)


LED Poster465(001).jpg

LED Poster463(001).jpg

Pixel Pitch 2.571 mm

 Module Size 288 x 216 mm

 Display Resolution 112 x 84

 LED Configuration SMD 3 in 1

 Pixel Density 69344 pixels/panel

 Display Dimension (H x W X D) 1944 x 576 mm

 Panel Material Aluminum

 Outer Frame Colour Black 

 Weight 35 kg

 Brightness ≥1200cd/m2

 Drive Mode 1/28 constant scan 

 Viewing Angle 160? (V) / 160? (H)

 Display Colour 4.4 Trillion

 Processing Depth 12 bits

 Refresh Rate > 3600 Hz

 Contrast Ratio 3000 : 1

 Operation Power AC110~240V, 50 ~ 60Hz

 Maximum Power Consumption 600W /panel

 Average Power Consumption 240W /panel

 Display Mode Asynchronous / Synchronous System

 Signal Output HDMI

 Connection Type Ethernet / WIFI

 Supported VGA Mode 224 x 756

 Supported Video Files MPEG / H.264

 Operating Temperature –10?C ~ 50?C

 Operating Lifetime (50% Brightness) ≥100,000 Hours

 | How it works

Portable signage solutions that bring innovation and versatility to your business communications

Stand-Alone Mode

Update your digital content in our built-in media player via WiFi or USB. 

The built-in storagecapacity of 5GB supports almost all video and image

formats. There are also HDMI input and output that allow external computer

synchronization using third-party media player software. 

MT Mode

Connect LED poster to Android tablet or smart 

phone via Wifi.The customized APP can identify 

and manage basic settings of LED poster like

“Adjust brightness,On/Off,Upload the play list,

Change network setting”.

Mirroring Mode 

Show the contents of one

LED poster on the screen of another LED poster simultaneously.

Extended Mode 

Split and show the same video content on 2 or more LED poster

simultaneously. Also known as cascade or split-screen mode.

Wireless Multi-screen Mode

Link maximum three LED poster

together and stay connected

via a router.


Manage and Control Your Network Remotely and Globally LED poster makes centralized video control and management via internet delivery workflow a reality. Cast your video remotely without the need to have an on-site controlling device or PC. Increase your efficiency by administrating and monitoring your video from the comfort of your office or home.

Perfectly Completes The Already Spectacular


Power Cable--Length : 2000 mm

HDMI Cable--Length : 2000 mm

RJ45 Cable--Length : 2000 mm

Carries Bag--Black canvas with reflective stripes

Handle Magnet-- ?\Weight : 2 kg / ?\Pulling power : 35 kg


Wall Mounted Bracket (Horizontal)--Built-in Spirit Level / Expansion Bolts

Wall Mounted Bracket (Vertical) --Built-in Spirit Level / Expansion Bolts


LED Interconnect Board 

LED Tile 

FPGA Board

Media Player Board 

HDMI Board

Coloured Outer Frame: 

Ferrari Red / Red Gold / Classic Gold / Space Blue / Electric Purple / Star Silver / Metal Green

***Non-standard accessories, options and parts available as separately orderable items to complement our LED display solutions. Every LED poster comes with standard black outer frame.


1>Wooden Crate

Single Pack : 2120 mm (L) x 350 mm (W) x 820 mm (H) 

Double Pack : 2125 mm (L) x 520 mm (W) x 840 mm (H) 

2>Flight Case

Double Pack : 2095 mm (L) x 440 mm (W) x 872 mm (H) 

Triple Pack : 2104 mm (L) x 687 mm (W) x 886 mm (H)

Buy it today and have it working in no time

With the LED Poster series, professional installers are optional. Select a trusted LED Poster in your area to take care of installing and maintaining your LED Poster and save yourself some work. Or, if you are the do-it-yourselfer type, everything you’ll need is included in the box—all you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions. Either way, your LED Poster will be set up and operational in no time.

Manage your LED Poster for maximum exposure

Once your ERALED LED poster is set up, you are in control. It’s easy to change the messaging on the display (static and video) simply through your computer, in real time, programmed in advance, or even remotely. Your digital ERALED window poster never needs to be out-of-date again.

Unbeatable return on investment

Whether buying or leasing, your LED Poster , you'll benefit from increased sales and brand awareness.

The no-brainer alternative to traditional paper posters

The LED Poster series is without doubt fast becoming the obvious replacement for time-consuming and costly paper based posters. LED Poster will offer the following:

•Save time and labor on poster changes—buy it and install it just once

•Make changes to content fat with easy to program software

•Program to display static or video content

•24/7 visibility—highly effective day and night and from a distance because of their unique and unparalleled brightness

•Built in light sensors

•60% natural light filter (do not act as barriers or light inhibitors because of their unique transparency)

Feel the difference—lightweight and compact

Designed with efficiency and functionality in mind, LED Poster s are constructed using lightweight engineered aluminum and proprietary LED technology. LED Poster s weigh as little as 15kgs/33lbs, making them highly cost efficient to transport as well as easy and safe to assemble.

Energy efficient, longer lifetime, and robust

LED Poster s offer one of the highest energy consumption savings of any digital signage on the market today—over incandescent light sources, LCD projection, and traditional non-LED displays. LED Poster s have many additional advantages, including longer lifetime, improved physical robustness, smaller size, faster switching, and are so bright they get noticed even in full daylight.

Outstanding appearance—simple and sleek

ERALED Poster units have been designed to take up the minimum of space yet deliver maximum impact. The support frames are simple, lightweight, and elegantly constructed, making your poster displays clean and unobtrusive—even the noise-free power box is hidden within the display headrail.

Easy setup and installation

Set up your LED Poster LED screen effortlessly all by yourself, or if you prefer select on of our trusted ERALED partners to help,. Power supplies are built into the poster headrail, which make it easier and faster to hang or mount. You’ll find that setup time is amazingly quick.

Low touch—easy to maintain

Your LED Poster requires minimal maintenance—LED strips have a long life expectancy and can be replaced quickly and easily when needed without having to replace the entire module. With repairs done in minutes and at a very low-cost, your LED Poster s will last for years.

Updates made easy—when you want them

Program updates to your transparent display screen (static and video) are simple. You can program your LED Poster directly from your computer using intuitive software. It's easy to update sign messaging in real time, remotely, or program in advance, so your sign is always up-to-date.

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