COB Shelf Signage LED Display

ERA COB Shelf Signage LED Display can be wiped with rag when it is splashed; Hammer to knock and watering cabinet surface, While SMD LED Display can not be done like this.
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 COB Shelf Signage LED Display


First LED all digital shelf edge technology capable of delivering dynamic pricing, promotion, product and brand related  information at the shelf edge.






High Resolution 


Based on ERA LED COB technology
High resolution ; High refresh;
Pixel Pitch: 1.875mm
Contrast: 2000:1

  HD LED screen

Shelf LED display (14)Shelf LED display (13)Shelf LED display (15)




 led display cabinet



Standard Module Size

Standard module size: 300mm*60mm*18.8mm


Shockproof & Waterproof & Dustproof

ERA COB Shelf Signage LED Display can be wiped with rag when it is splashed;
Hammer to knock and watering cabinet surface, 

While SMD can not be done like this.

waterproof shockproof led display







Easy Installation & connection


it is easy to installation and  connection.
Revolutionary design with magnet + shackle; 
No tool, quickly install and remove. 




                led message board connnection

Shelf LED display (20)

COB Shelf Signage LED screen Installation



COB Shelf Signage LED screen


 COB Shelf Signage LED display panel

Market analysis

ERA COB Shelf Signage LED Display screen

Specification & Price

ERA Shelf LED Display Catalogue & Price List
ItemDescriptionUnit Price(USD/SET)
ERA300Pixel Pitch:1.875mm
LED Configuration:ERA 3 IN 1
Resolution Ratio:320*32
Pixel Density:284089 dots/㎡
Unit Size:600mm * 60mm * 18mm
Unit Weight:0.68kg
Brightness Adjustment:256 level
Refresh Rate:≧2000 Hz
Max. Power Consumption:20W/module
Ave. Power Consumption:8W/module
Gray Scale:16bit
Contrast Ratio:4000 : 1
Viewing Angle:160° /160°
Input Voltage:AC 100~240V
Working Voltage:DC 5V
Operating Temperature:-10~40℃
Operating Humidity:10%~90%
Chassis Material:Aluminum
Control System:Synchronous
US$300 US$280 US$260 US$240 
ERA600Pixel Pitch:1.875mm
LED Configuration:ERA 3 IN 1
Resolution Ratio:160*32
Pixel Density:284089 dots/㎡
Unit Size:300mm * 60mm * 18mm
Unit Weight:0.35kg
Brightness Adjustment:256 level
Refresh Rate:≧2000 Hz
Max. Power Consumption:10W/module
Ave. Power Consumption:4W/module
Gray Scale:16bit
Contrast Ratio:4000 : 1
Viewing Angle:160° /160°
Input Voltage:AC 100~240V
Working Voltage:DC 5V
Operating Temperature:-10~40℃
Operating Humidity:10%~90%
Chassis Material:Aluminum
Control System:Synchronous
US$540 US$500 US$450 US$440 
Spare parts
Power supplyCE,UL certified M/W power supply with PFC function,100-230V auto switch (for 12-16 sets: ERA300/for 6-8 sets: ERA300)
Note: 1. all the parameters will be changed subject to technical innovation without further notice. 
         2. above quotes including receiving card, short signal and Ethernet connection cable, carton box, excluding power supply.

Introduction of COB LED Display technology 

COB LED display using the newest encapsulation technology which is different from DIP and SMD. Is ERALED who has developed this technique in the field of led display and truly master the skill after years of technical practice. We have developed hundreds of products based on COB patent technique, and COB encapsulation with LED & IC in 1 PCB is the key of COB patent technique.

COB LED is short for Chip-On-Board LED, it's one of bare LED chip technologies, which interconnect bare LED chip to substrate by conductive or non-conductive adhesive, and then wire bonding to achieve its electrical connection. COB package is attach number of chips directly to the substrate, then packaged together by silica gel, epoxy resin or other materials.

Comparing to conventional SMD LED display, ERALED COB LED display has the following advantages:

1. COB LED display can save about 30% cost in the application, mainly lie in LED package cost, light engine production costs and the secondary light distribution costs, which is great significance for applications and promotion of semiconductor lighting.

2. In performance, through the rational design and micro-lens molding, COB LED display can avoid the defects of point and glare light also other flaws existed in discrete light source device. It also can add some red chips appropriately, so that to improve the CRI effectively under the condition of without reduce light efficiency and lifetime significantly.

3. In application, COB LED display makes production of lighting manufacturer more simple and convenient, and reduces cost effectively. In production, the existing technology and equipment can support high yield and large-scale COB LED display manufacturing.

4. Anti-collision, Anti-stree, wear-resisting: COB LED Display is directly put the LED chip on the PCB, then wire bond ,dispensing ,The surface of COB LED is very smooth and hard. The lamp surface can withstand 65Kg impact per square mm. If there is bad pixel, it is easy to be repaired.

5. Ultra-thin ,ultra-light: weight is just 1\3 of traditional led display module, thickness is just 1\5 of traditional led display module ,can save lots of cost on structure ,delivery and so on .

6. Flexible: Flexible ability is one of the excellent characteristics of COB LED displays. So COB LED displays can be shaped canopy screen, arc shaped screen, circle shaped screen and wave shaped screen. It is the ideal choose for bars and nightclubs. COB screen is with seamless splice, simple structure, and lower price which less than FPCB and traditional LED shaped screen. For example, P4 RGB modules can be made into circle shaped screen with min diameter 50CM. Because of the excellent performance, COB LED display was widely used in airport, station, mall and so on.

7. Hight heat transfer capability: SMD and DIP mainly transfer the heat via gel, light legs and pads, heat trans area m is small ,the heat will be focused on the chip, this will cause serious optical attenuation phenomenon and dead lights after working for a period. COB LED Display is directly put the chip on PCB, heat on the chip will transfer via copper foil on the PCB, and our PCB has strict process requirement, price of PCB is SMD and DIP twice times at the same specification .COB LED Display has transferred the heat out of the chip, that is why feel hot on touch .

8. High stability: the dead pixel rate of our COB LED displays <0.00005, this result is better than the national standard.

A. Production process: COB LED Display production is no reflow solder paste lights, then the light quality is much better then SMD

B. With high-end manufacturing equipment: we use advanced ASM automatic welding equipment

C. Strictly quality control and inspection during the whole process

D. ERALED’S business philosophy: Provide the best quality material to customer. Such as: the surface finishing of PCB is Immersion Gold, the PCB price is twice than the PCB which was used on traditional LED modules. We use big and better IC chip on our modules, and we choose the better cooling material on the structure.

9. Multiple protection: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-dust, anti-static, anti-oxidation, anti UV.

10. Our COB LED display is very different from the traditional LED. All the chip of our module is protected by epoxy resin, no exposed lamp foot in air, so it can be waterproof, moisture proof, and anti-static; at the same time, it is very easy to be cleaned. The surface treatment of PCB is immersion Gold, after special treatment process, the LED module can be anti-oxidation and anti UV. All our modules can be work during -30 degree to +80 degree.

11. Fast cooling: excellent heat dissipation performance and Low light attenuation: Because the COB LED chip is directly dispensed onto the PCB, the area of heat dissipation is wider than SMD with better attenuation. The heat dissipation of the SMD is emitted through the bottom of its fixing

COB LED display1.png 

12. Wider and better view angle: 150° view angle in both Horizontally and vertically:

COB LED display2.png 

Better viewing angle with higher brightness both indoor and outdoor:

COB LED display3.png 


13. 50% energy saving with very low power consumption, low electricity fee, low heat generation, much longer lifetime, long lifetime high brightness and low failure pixels; Save energy with high brightness: ERALED use big size led chip to increase brightness and heat evenly. 

Electricity Fee(12hours a day/ per year)

100㎡ Traditional LED Display

100㎡ ERALED COB LED display

Electricity Fee saving

Average 0.3KW/

Electricity cost 1 year

= USD0.2 x 0.3KW//hour x 100㎡ x 12Hour/day x 365Day/year=26280USD


Average: 0.12KW/

Electricity cost 1 year

= USD0.2 x 0.12KW//hour x 100㎡ x 12Hours/day x 365 Day= USD10512


Saving 26280USD -USD10512= USD15,768.00

annually on electricity cost for 100㎡ LED Display

COB LED display4.png 

14.The COB system allows for a much higher packing density than SMD (SMT), the result being a more compact array giving better uniformity and higher intensity even at a close distance and greater heat dissipation for better stability, reliability and lifespan. COB technology can solve the problem of protection, anti UV, brightness and quality stability. P3mm outdoor COB LED display is our latest COB LED display. We are developing P2.5 & P1.875 outdoor COB LED display now. The outdoor modules don’t need the glass shade, and can be all-weather used.

15.High Brightness: 800-1500nits for indoor, 5000-9000nits for outdoor

16. Shockproof & Dustproof

17. Seamless Splicing: Super High precision: seamless splicing after CNC processing, less than 0.01mm tolerance

18.Front maintenance, front installation available: no maintenance space needed behind the screen;

19.Special anti-electromagnetic interference function

20.COB LED display is the latest in full color product advancement using a state of the art, base of chip surface bonding technique combined with high precision dispensing. The bare LED chip is mounted directly on the substrate on the back of the PCB, then using a special method of welding using a pure gold wire, a bond is made between the base and silicon chip, then finally the COB is packaged together to form the full color module.

21.COB LED display Producing process: The first step of COB package is to cover wafer placement point on the substrate surface by thermal conductive epoxy (usually is epoxy resin mixed with silver particles). Second is put the wafer on the substrate surface directly, then fix wafer to the substrate firmly by heat treatment. Third is to establish electrical connection between wafer and the substrate by wire bonding method.

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