V-shape Right Angle Curved LED Display

V-shape Right Angle Curved LED Display

High Color And Brightness Homogeneity Front & rear access Auto fan and brightness High reliability and longer lifespan
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Seamless V-shape right angle Curved LED display


With the ERALED corner led display, we set out to do the beautiful and possible: engineer a corner module into the cabinet conjunctions, making the entire cabinets display as a one. Instead of being separated by the joint black line, images or videos are all displayed without any disruption. It is honed to deliver a bold and creative visual experience.

3 angles and 3 pixel pitches

To meet the different needs, ERALED Corner provides 3 angles and 3 pixel pitches, it helps ERALED Corer to be perfectly installed on most of the buildings and deliver the most curved visual experience.

2 wide viewing angle.jpg

2 wide viewing angle.jpg

4 test2+3.jpg

5 test4+5.jpg

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