3D Hologram LED Display

3D Hologram LED Display

3D Hologram LED Display 3D Hologram Advertising Display • Display Size : 42cm • Resolution: 450*224 • Viewing angle: 150 ° • Power: 10-15W • Power supply voltage: AC100V-240V, 50 / 60Hz • Color: Black White • Responsive time: ±10ms • Delivery Detail: Batch order 15-30 days • Logo: customized LED...
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3D Hologram LED Display

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3D Hologram Advertising Display

• Display Size : 42cm
• Resolution: 450*224
• Viewing angle: 150 °
• Power: 10-15W
• Power supply voltage: AC100V-240V, 50 / 60Hz
• Color: Black White
• Responsive time: ±10ms
• Delivery Detail:   Batch order 15-30 days
• Logo: customized LED Logo
• Certificate : FCC, CE, ROHS
• Operation way : Remote controler
• Supply Ability: 10000Pieces/per Month
• Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union
• Packaging Details: Carton with foam inside + Wooden case+Bubble bag

Hologram 3D Fan LED Display

  • 3D hologram fan display, 3D effect image and video are produced by rotating led fans. It can help shop owners spread and share advertising content efficiently. It is a cost-effective solution to show a holographic effect floating free in the air.


  • 3D Holographic Fan 3D Display Device with Ultra High Density LED Rotational Imaging Visualization. Clear and flexible product image.

  • 3D images more eye-catching, to replace the traditional non-advertising content.

  • Support a variety of online, make the playback screen larger and clearer.

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How to Make 3D Hologram LED Display

  • 3D hologram fan video display, the effect is created by a bar with high tech led light that spins high speed. Colorful and vivid image and video are produced.

  • Black and white colors are optional. Fans are fixed in crowded public places, add a cover is necessary to ensure safe using.

  • It is easy to change content you want to play: edit content by computer and plug SD card in fan to play.

  • 3D holographic fan display can be easily fixed on a variety of building or structure by screw. Simple and easy operation.

  • It can be fixed on concrete wall, ceiling , wooden structure, clear image can be saw in a long distance.

Spinning LED Hologram Advertising

  • Shows The Effect of Hologram advertising by Spinning LED.

  • By Software change 2D or 3D picture or video into a dot matrix.
    By Spinning LED the dot matrix is reduced to a video of the 3D holographic effect according to the frequency customization.

  • Holographic advertising shows that it has a strong customer appeal to achieve higher enterprise display and marketing effects.

  • Make 3D holographic ads, similar as hologram Nike Spinning Hologram advertising , 3D hologram display fan will be your best Hologram projection machine.

  • Provide 3D Hologram Advertising Service

3d hologram software

  • The 3D hologram device only reads bin file, other format can not be read directly.

  • Also please noted that bin file can not be opened and need to be created with a specific but free software that runs in Windows and Mac.

To create the video first follow this basic instructions:
1) Pure black background
2) MP4, AVI, Rmvb, Gif format video
3) 445×445 pixels
4) 10-15 seconds video time suggested
5) JPG, PNG picture Ok too (Black background better)

Learn more about 3D Hologram Fan Display product demonstrations and instructions
Get more information about 3D Hologram Fan Display software instructions

Hologram Projector

  • How to make a Hologram projector with 3 D hologram Fan

  • According to the video to decide how to link the devices.

  • After decided the way to be linked, according to the right way to create the videos.

  • After create the videos, according to the circle output one by one.

  • Double check. And Then keep it into each device’s own SD card, to display. Hologram Projector Diy guide


3D Hologram LED screen


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